Wyze Scale S Debuts $ 25 Tracking 11 Body Measurements


Wyze recently introduced a brand new Wyze Scale S. It is the company’s latest health-focused product that delivers a full-fledged experience in a budget-driven form factor. Offering the ability to track 11 different body measurements, connect to fitness apps like Apple Health and Google Fit, and even a baby / pet mode, this scale could become a staple in many homes. Looks interesting? Head over below for all the details we have on the latest Wyze Scale S.

Wyze Scale S offers a stylish set that you can use to track your or your baby’s weight

Wyze Scale S has a feature set we’re used to seeing with the ability to track 11 health metrics (more on that later). But one feature that is really nice to see is the baby / pet mode. It works by weighing yourself to begin with, then holding your baby or pet and weighing yourself again. The scale will do the math for you and tell you exactly how much your little or four-legged friend weighs.

Track 11 different body composition measurements with the latest Wyze scale

You’ll find that the latest Wyze Scale S features accelerometers, G-sensors, and “cutting-edge” “advanced bioelectric impedance” chips to deliver “highly accurate” smart measurement as soon as you step on it. Speaking of stepping on it, when you step on the latest Wyze scale it captures weight, bone mass, body water percentage, lean body mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, protein, body fat percentage, BMI, metabolic age, basal metabolism and soon heart rate. That’s a lot of the functions of this one low-cost ladder, which means it could be a great option for you if that’s something you’re looking for.

Wyze Scale S offers a lot of features at $ 25

The retail price of the Wyze Scale S is $ 14.99, but the company charges $ 9.99 shipping. In total, that makes it a scale of $ 24.98. It’s actually pretty cheap and economical when it comes to smart scales with this feature set, so it’s something that many will likely consider choosing when following the health and weight loss journeys.

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Wyze is really working on expanding into the high and mid-range markets these days. The original Wyze ladder has a premium look, while the new Wyze S ladder is aimed at those with a more budget mindset. It’s nice to see that high-end features, however, are becoming more affordable overall.

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