Who is the front music on TikTok? Man goes viral for dancing cactus trumpet clips


Music supervisor Ryan Svendsen goes viral on TikTok after employing a dancing cactus toy choir to help him create a rendition of Lil Nas X Baby Industry which is taking social networks by storm.

Do you know those dancing figures that are usually found in souvenir shops? Although they usually break it down into a pre-recorded melody, some of these trinkets can record noises and play them back.

Trumpeter and Music Supervisor Ryan Svendsen just went viral on TikTok thanks to his creative use of these unique toys and his impressive skills as a musician.

On November 12, Svendsen uploaded a video to TikTok that showed him playing some iconic Star Wars songs on a dancing cactus toy, playing the music at a higher pitch – while still getting his groove on.

@ musicbefore What are you going to do with a music degree? Uh… that obviously. ## dancingcactus🌵🌵🌵❤️❤️❤️ ## cactus ## trumpet ## starwars ## 50cent ## justalilbit ## music ♬ original sound – musicbefore

The clip has garnered over 3 million views at the time of writing and has clearly been a hit with fans (probably also thanks to the little feud Svendsen had with the cactus after he started copying it).

However, his greatest success was yet to come. On November 17, the trumpeter increased his playing tenfold by acquiring a veritable army of dancing cacti to help him sing a rendition of Lil Nas X. “Industry baby” – a song he actually played on.

Svendsen even donned a cactus-themed jumpsuit for the occasion, and the video went absolutely viral. With over 26 million views in a single day, it’s clear that this “cactus choir,” as Svendsen calls it, is pulling the chords of the internet.

@musicbeforeCactus Choir performing Industry Baby with my little demonic babies ## dancingcactus🌵🌵🌵❤️❤️❤️ ## cactus ## industrybaby @lilnasx @Jack Harlow ## music ♬ original sound – musicbefore

This viral TikTok trumpeter is more than an overnight online sensation; Svendsen has managed music campaigns for 80 film and television soundtracks, including Oscars La La Land.

Who knows, Svendsen might have an online artist career ahead of him in addition to his musical prowess. The net certainly seems to like it… but we cannot speak for its “demonic” cactus chorus.

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