“What are we doing to our children? “


A father’s angry criticism of outfits given to a series of popular toy dolls sparked a great debate online about whether to expose young children to such clothes.

The father, who posted his reprimand on TikTok under the nickname official.patrick.johnson, condemned the choice of outfits given to a series of LOL Surprise! Dolls he bought for his daughter. The clip can be viewed here.

In the video, which has been viewed 10.9 million times, he begins by showing viewers a series of what he describes as “healthy” Disney dolls based on characters from The princess and the Frog and Frozen.

Johnson, who describes himself as a pastor on his profile, explains that his daughter asked him for “LOL dolls,” which he agreed to. However, he says he got “pissed off” after seeing their attire.

After throwing away the Disney dolls, he then holds one of the LOL Surprises! Dolls he bought for his daughter.

The doll shown is wearing a fishnet bodysuit with black shorts and a short black shirt.
“Look at these dolls they give to our babies,” says Johnson. ” What are we doing ? She doesn’t care and stuff, she put on pantyhose.

The disgruntled dad goes on to explain that he thought it was “maybe just that one” who was dressed this way, like the LOL Surprise! Doll came as part of a four pack.

However, to her dismay, all four toys were dressed the same.

“What are we doing to our children?” He is heard moaning as he points another of the dolls to the camera.

Johnson tells his followers he asked his daughter to “go get the clothes” that came with the doll set only to come back with a metallic bodice designed to be placed over the toy’s lingerie look.

“We have to be careful what we give our children,” he says as the clip continues.

His anger continues as he shows how an accompanying doll that was part of the set has been decked out in similar clothing.

“What are we doing to our children? You have to be careful what you bring around our children,” the worried father again states.

He goes on to explain that even though his daughter “likes” dolls, he is worried and doesn’t want her to “think this is the way women dress”.

“What’s going on? Help me America,” he pleads towards the end of the video. “What do we do? Is that what we do ?!”

The video, captioned “Can’t believe I bought this for my daughter” and “Be careful what you expose your kids to,” sparked a lot of discussion on TikTok, generating over 42,000 comments at during the process with divided people over Johnson. position.

Many seemed to agree with MudkipGames258’s writing: “People said Bratz dolls are bad, LOL Surprise dolls! Are 100 times worse.”

Wera6by, meanwhile, said the toys were “essentially stripper dolls” while Topaz Malisha Harris commented “it has to stop.”

Creolediva162 added, “My baby just asked me for some of these dolls for her birthday! However, she won’t receive them.”

Others have expressed concerns about the dolls themselves rather than their choice of clothing.

Oracle, for example, said they were “less concerned about the clothes and more concerned about the unreasonable bodily expectations of these dolls” while Citrine Centaur added, “Not everyone is a skinny Barbie.”

Some have defended the toys, however, arguing that no one should be judged by their choice of clothing.

Katelyn Hoffman wrote: “These are literally just clothes, let’s teach kids not to judge others by what they wear but by their character.”

BLK Hibicus agreed, “These are just clothes. I see nothing wrong with it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy.”

LOL Surprise dolls have already faced criticism after parents discovered lingerie appears on at least one line of toys when dipped in cold water.

In a similar story, Tuthills Newsagents in Ireland was forced to take a set of dolls off sale for an ‘inappropriate dress’ which was reported by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC)

News week has contacted doll maker MGA Entertainment, Johnson and Prevent Child Abuse America for comment.

“LOL Surprise! The Under Wraps dolls on display at a ‘Dream Toys’ event in London, England in November 2018 – a father attacked the brand over the choice of outfits offered to the dolls.
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