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Uh oh. Whether you’ve got supply chain issues or just some good old-fashioned laziness to blame, you’re looking at December 25 with several gaps in your holiday shopping list. Sure, you can always take a Target gift card and call it a day, but we’ve got more creative suggestions for digital gifts and experiences, personalized for each (read: ten very specific) type of gift recipient.

If you need to talk something with old people or young people, I highly suggest you buy the Criterion channel from them. annual subscription. Seniors have seen a lot of Criterion movies already, so it’s a built-in way to start a conversation, like, “Grandpa, would you like to see each other again and then chat?” Woman in the dunes, your favorite three-hour Japanese arthouse film about a woman who is doomed to shovel sand out of her house? The kids haven’t seen any of the Criterion movies because they’re too busy making TikTok rice, so it’s a great way to make them respect being a genius who taught them the Criterion Channel. If you want to buy something for someone your age, please check out my Ariana Grande makeup article. –Rachel Manager

Give the gift of treating someone you love like a real Salt Lake City housewife Lisa barlow. It’s simple and only requires a few inexpensive errands. To make someone feel like the Supreme of SLC, fill a box with various items from the Taco Bell and KFC menus. Add cans of Diet Coke and, if you can find some at your local liquor store, some Vida tequila. If there’s a Taco Bell / KFC combination near you, you don’t even have to make the extra stop, gorgeous baby! –Carrie Wittmer

You’ve probably played one of the seven Jackbox Party Pack editions with friends on Zoom in the past year (and maybe you’ve lost a few friends while playing “Trivia Murder Party”). The Jackbox Games team has released the eighth install of the Jackbox Party Pack franchise and it includes all new games such as “Drawful Animate” and “The Wheel of Enormous Proportions”. “Drawful Animate” is a new take on the party classic where players create animations based on “absurd prompts”. (If you’re not ready to drop $ 30 on the latest edition, Jackbox still has sales on its older games so you and your friends can always find something to play together.) –Alejandra Gularte

If someone you know and love owns a Platoon and has been traumatized by some development on the Sex and the city the comeback And just like that …, do them a favor and sell their platoon before he kills them. Take a few pictures of them and post them on Craigslist. Basically, you’re giving them their money back on top of saving their lives. (Reminder needed that Platoons don’t kill people, that’s a joke. But at the same time getting rid of a Platoon can free up space in the living room or bedroom or wherever you keep your Platoon, so that’s actually a good idea.) –CW

Imagine having a personalized message from your favorite celebrity. Ok, now imagine having a personalized message from your favorite celebrity baby, who is also a boss. Boss Baby is now on Cameo, so that you can receive a holiday message for yourself or your loved ones from the little Capitalist himself. (Of course, Cameo has a wide range of other media personalities to choose from, like Estate Daddy Brian cox or mama tiger Carole baskin.) –AG

Chances are, someone in your life reacted to last year’s lockdown by diving deep into a Sims 4 hole and never comes out. I have a group text right now that’s exclusively dedicated to sharing screenshots of what we’re doing in the town of Willow Creek that day. The seven-year-old game has extended its lifespan with the release of kits, small bundles of clothing or decorations that bring a new vibe to your game. Incheon Arrival Kit is a kpop-inspired streetwear pack filled with clothes celebrities don to get pap’d at the airport. Made in partnership with Miss Korea USA 2016 Jazzy Cho, the kit features k-modes inspired by airport style and traditional hanbok. You’re going to want to crawl into your computer and wear all of these clothes. Dag dag! –Squires of Bethy

Experiences are the best gifts, and nothing is more lived than a New York theater ticket. Do you have a musical lover in your family? Buy him tickets for the rebirth of Caroline, or Change (closing on January 9) or the buzzy genderswap in Sondheim Society or the operation of Lynn Nottage Intimate clothing. Does your best friend like to dominate her downtown experiences over others at cocktail parties? Send it to Sandra bernhard at Joe’s Pub for that tricky week after Christmas (and tell him to buy some fries). If your pockets can take it, buy someone lucky an All Season Bundle: Up-to-date Culture Vulture should see it all in Playwrights Horizons and the Signature Theater, since between them, they represent Each Nominated and winner of the Pulitzer Cinema 2019. –Helene shaw

We all have this person in our lives who supported Ben Affleck through thick and thin: from Reindeer games to his tattoo on the back. You know the person who thinks Argo deserved to take home the best picture award but would follow that up with “but you know what really should have won the best film? party baby party. “To honor Ben Affleck number one fan, treat him to a Ben Affleck day, starting with a Dunkin ‘Donuts shower. It just means getting a bunch of Dunkin’ stuff and consuming it while you’re wearing clothes or clothes. props with Boston sports teams on it.Then you can experience the best of Ben Affleck’s early 2000s filmography, including Pearl Harbor and Survive Christmas. To make the day even more special, make sure a plethora of packages arrive at the same time as the Dunkin ‘. To make the gift even more Ben (and really weird), coordinate a reunion between your loved one and their ex from 20 years ago. –CW

Browse used car fleets near you in search of this piece of history, a 1963 Chevrolet StepSide C-10 pickup orange aka the truck Bella Swan drove in the critically acclaimed 2008 film dusk. Give the vampire fan in your life (me) this truck for free so that I – I mean them – can drive it like, someday, and also feel hassled by a super hot bloodsucker maybe hopefully named Edward. –Wolfgang ruth

Let your dad know you despise him (and his taste for television) by serenading him with a performance of “L to the OG”. Personalize it, if you like, by changing the lyrics to something more specific to your dad like his name which may not be Logan. Or, keep it weird and just sing the goofy Kendall Roy song. Baseball t-shirt with your father’s name encouraged, but not required. –CW

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