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Let’s face it: for most family meals, almost everyone shows up to the table in their tracksuits or pajamas. There’s no reason to think about adding accessories – or even pants in some cases. But Thanksgiving is… different, in a way. Sure, it’s still the same family and friends for the most part, but everyone tries more to pull themselves together and look good as they gather around the table to eat and to thank. But what about baby? They also deserve to be stylish, even if they don’t even have the teeth to enjoy the meal yet. So if you’re looking for something to dress up your little boy or girl, these Baby Thanksgiving outfits will make you want to gobble them all up.

You would think that after spending most of the day cooking in the kitchen or officiating in fights between older siblings (including your own), the last thing you would want to do is put your feet up. saddle so you only sit down and eat the meal that took hours to prepare. And yet, almost all of us do it every year. Especially if it’s your baby’s first Thanksgiving, you’ll want them to wear something memorable to commemorate the occasion, as they will likely be passed from person to person more than the padding and sides you have prepared.

Get ready to fall totally in love with these looks that celebrate the season, your baby, and the chance to be together as a family on Thanksgiving.

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Cutest Baby Turkey Hat

It’s going to be hard not to play with the wattles on top of this Carter’s Thanksgiving turkey hat. It is made from 100% polyester and is slightly stretchy to cover your newborn’s noggin. It’s also machine washable, which is helpful in case there’s schmutz on it. While baby may not need a hat if he needs to be indoors, it will likely be quite cold if you are outside. So if you are attending a parade or just want to brighten up their outfit, this hat will put everyone in a fun and festive mood. And because it’s in neutral colors, it’s sure to go with any outfit your baby wears on their big day.


Best Thanksgiving Baby Pajamas

Your baby is already sleeping like they’re in a roasting oven, so why not put them in pajamas that match their favorite sleeping style? Baby will be toasty warm in these Thanksgiving pajamas. The Footed Sleeper features a turkey on your baby’s tiny feet and a “little turkey” graphic on the chest. The neutral sleeper has a full length zipper to easily change your baby in the event of a midnight diaper rash. As adorable as she is, however, you’ll be very grateful for the fold-up mittens that will not only keep your baby’s hands warm, but protect them from the risk of scratching their sweet little face.


Baby Girl Thanksgiving Dress

Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you want your baby to look like a real turkey. So now she can have the essence of the holidays without looking too cartoonish with the Hanna Andersson baby corduroy dress. The soft orange color will match your child with the rest of your holiday-themed decor, and did we mention that it’s also insanely sweet? Dress him up with a pair of thick tights to keep baby stylish and warm. However, it can be difficult to stop rubbing your hand on the corduroy. If all that softness weren’t enough, these ruffles might just win you over.


Cutest Baby Thanksgiving Costume

Sure, a delicious golden bird could be the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving table, but we’ll let this Lil ‘Gobbler infant costume steal the show. While you might not think of turkeys as cuddles, you won’t be able to stop kissing this cute little cutie. The costume comes with a warm jumpsuit, hood, tail and a pair of booties, basically everything you will need to turn your little one into a real turkey. And if your turkey starts to scamper, you won’t have to worry about it falling, thanks to the slippers’ non-slip soles. Diaper changes can be done in two ways; either via the press studs at the bottom, or by unzipping baby from his costume.


Best Thanksgiving Outfit for Baby Boy

Who can resist a man in a bow tie? Your friends and family won’t see it when they see your little guy wearing this baby boy Thanksgiving outfit. The great thing about this outfit is that it looks classy without feeling constricted or stiff on baby’s soft skin. Perfect for celebrating your man’s first Thanksgiving, the two-piece set includes a stylish long-sleeved jumpsuit with an attached tie. It comes with a pair of comfortable pants that have two turkeys emblazoned on the knees. And it’s a good thing that they’re separated, because male turkeys (called Toms) are very fond of fighting.


Best baby girl 1st Thanksgiving outfit

On Thanksgiving, there is absolutely nothing better than a juicy… baby. All of those rolls, creases and dimples are simply delicious. This is why this little girl is 1st Thanksgiving outfit is perfect for Turkey Day. From Etsy seller CutierCouture4u2, the outfit comes complete with a long sleeve jumpsuit, seasonal leggings, a ruffled tutu, and a fall-inspired headband. And who knows; Baby’s jumpsuit might just remind you to take the buns out of the oven before they burn. So when you are fed up with munching on a turkey leg, swap it out for your little darling’s little toes, which we can guarantee will be more delicious than the meal itself.


Cutest Thanksgiving Baby Diaper Bag

If your little turkey is going to debut in November, you’re probably looking for an outfit that works as an accessory, too. The Baby Turkey Cocoon from Etsy SnuggableStitches seller will keep your baby sleeping well while you take photos with your phone or camera. You will fall in love with the love look in every stitch, and the bag also comes with a handmade crochet hat. Not only could you use this outfit for Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving photos, but you can also let them fall asleep in them. Another thing to be thankful for: This Etsy seller also offers free shipping.


Cutest Corduroy Girl Thanksgiving Outfit

Is there a fabric that screams louder than corduroy? It’s warm, durable, and makes a fun sound when you rub it on. But all of those perks aside, your little sweetheart will look like she’s loving this girl’s Thanksgiving Tote Top and Skirt (that’s a Skirt and Jumpsuit, BTW), from Target. The long sleeve jumpsuit features flowers in orange and pink tones, and the skirt will stay in place thanks to the attached suspenders. A thicker headband completes the look and can also keep baby’s head warm. And since he doesn’t shout Thanksgiving, your baby can dress more, which is always a plus.


Best gender neutral Thanksgiving baby romper

You can pack baby, but if he’s gasping / hungry / needs a diaper change, you’ll need something comfortable to put on while everyone is in your house. So say what you can, but really, there is simply no outfit in the world that can compare to a sleeper when your baby is in a bad mood. This newborn Thanksgiving romper will get your little one ready for the festivities – and whatever comes along too. It’s made of that plush fabric that will soothe your sweetie and keep cuddling almost impossible. The turkey face on the front (and the feather applique on the back) means your little one will be dressed for the occasion – and bedtime, too.


Cutest Football For Thanksgiving Baby Onesie

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving isn’t just the food… but the football. So whether you turn on the TV or play a game, baby is going to make a total hit with this fun football inspired jumpsuit. From Carter’s, the long sleeve jumpsuit works as a standalone outfit or can be paired with cute pants and socks, so your little one doesn’t get cold. One reviewer wrote that “the heather brown conceals food stains!) Which is a total bonus. After Thanksgiving, your child can still wear it for all Sunday soccer games. It’s up to you to determine which team they’ll be rooted for.

Your baby’s first Thanksgiving is incredibly special. Even with all the stress that cooking can bring and being stuck with family for hours on end, seeing your child fully dressed will remind you how important it is to be thankful for the little things in life, like good food, family and your baby.

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