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You are lucky to have the best pet on the planet. Maybe your boyfriend takes you out for walks when you’ve been sitting at your computer for too long, or snuggles up against you on the couch for a break – they’re always there for you after a “rough” day.

They are doing so much and asking for so little. You can literally throw them a bone, and they’ll turn into bananas. So, doesn’t your four-legged friend deserve more than scraps and damaged tennis balls?

Here are ways to spoil and pamper your loyal companion with comfy fall clothes, fun toys, and Halloween costumes, all created by animal lovers at Walmart.

Improve your recovery game

Add serious power to your throw with a tennis ball blaster designed to shoot balls up to 50 feet. As fun for humans as it is for pets, it’s an easy way to make sure your furry friend gets the exercise they need.

Throw around new wheels

Give your puppy a durable rubber interactive tire toy for throwing or pulling rope. There are a few sizes for large or small dogs, and the fibers of the cord are flossed while they chew and play.

Mammoth TireBiter Rubber Dog Toy with Rope, Small, 6 '' ($ 8.47)

Credit: Mammoth

Let them monkey around

This adorable chimpanzee is the perfect toy that your little friend can have fun with when you are busy working or going out of the house. It’s super soft and cuddly, it squeaks, and it’s tough enough to chew on and throw away.

Vibrant Life Cozy Buddy Sock Monkey Dog Toys ($ 2.97)

Credit: Vibrant Life

Get them something bacon flavored

Turn dental care into a game with a chew toy filled with a bacon treat. It satisfies their need to chew (and makes your running shoes much less tempting to chew on), reduces tartar on their teeth, and massages their gums.

Hartz Chew 'n Clean Dental Duo Dog Toy, Medium ($ 3.36)

Credit: Hartz

Answer the call of nature

Hike the trails with your curious dog or just take a hike through the farmer’s market? Prep your pooch for fall outdoor activities with a pet-sized hoodie that features a reinforced leash opening.

Vibrant Life Mommy Wild One Hoodie ($ 8.97)

Credit: Vibrant Life

Get them involved in your favorite fall sports

How excited is your dog every time you walk into a room? Dress up your tail wagging spirit team for tailgating (or just streaming the game on the couch) in a ready-made sweater with college letters spelling WOOF. Finally, we know who let the dogs out.

Vibrant Life Red Woof Sweater ($ 8.97)

Give them a warm jacket

Unless you have an arctic breed, your little furry baby is also cold, especially if he has short hair or is sitting low to the ground (which means he’s closer to an icy sidewalk). Keep them warm in a plaid jacket with a simple hook-and-loop closure.

Vibrant Life Red Plaid Back Tab Jacket ($ 11.97)

Credit: Vibrant Life

Coordinate the costumes

You could get a lot of mileage with this cute iridescent dragon costume: we’re thinking of dog cosplay at a comic book-themed convention, pet renaissance festival, or Burning Man ( if dogs were actually allowed on the beach).

Way to Celebrate Halloween Pet Costume: Dragon ($ 9.97)

Credit: Way to Celebrate

Dress for the best of the show

Even if your dog isn’t trained and groomed for a dog show, a Halloween costume parade in the local park is an opportunity for them to shine and strut around. This one piece hot dog costume is easy to put on and just the right amount of silly.

Way to Celebrate Halloween Pet Costume: Hotdog ($ 9.97)

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