Today’s Hoda Kotb reveals baby news in latest family photo with daughters? Fans are convinced for this reason


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Hoda Kotb has made no secret of his desire to expand his family and has spoken openly about his hopes of adopting a third child.

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And fans remained convinced that the Today the star is doing just that, after sharing a new set of family photos from her weekend outing.

In the photos, Hoda’s daughters Haley and Hope were pictured spending a day on the farm.

But after close inspection, the little girls were seen wearing “I’m the big sister” t-shirts.

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Eagle-eyed fans were quick to comment on their outfit choice, with one writing, “Hoda! The girls are darling and they both wear ‘I’m the big sister” shirts. Delighted for you and your family, ” while another wrote: “2 big sisters! When is the new arrival?”

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A third added: “How fun and exciting! Girls are absolutely precious! I’m getting my DVD ready to record The Today Show this morning, I hope you have some really exciting news!

Today’s Hoda Kotb has left fans convinced that she is expanding her family!

However, other followers have pointed out that the Haleys and Hopes may well be wearing matching t-shirts given to them by someone else.

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“They could be from Jenna’s hands [Bush-Hager], I remember hearing or reading that she gave him clothes. And probably others she works with, too, ”one wrote.


Hoda loves nothing more than being a mom

Whether Hoda makes a subtle announcement or not, it’s safe to say that the whole family had a great day! Hoda shares Haley and Hope with her fiance Joel Schiffman.

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Speaking to People magazine about her adoption plans last year, Hoda revealed that she has said “yes” to the idea on several occasions.

“It’s funny. I think to myself – and I’ve obviously had a conversation with Joel about this, a lot of conversations – but I feel like, well, can we? Yes.


Hoda with her fiance Joel Schiffman and daughters Haley and Hope

“Will our family be better off with this? Yes. Do we have enough love in the house? Yes. All of the answers seem to say yes.”

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She added at the time, “I think then you just wait and see if this is right for you. This is where we are at.” I feel like families have so many shapes and of different sizes and as long as there is a lot of love i think they will last. I’ll just wait and see on that one. “

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