Tips to help your baby sleep better and safely


JACKSON, Tenn. – As we continue to celebrate Baby Week and honor Safe Sleep Month, Tennessee Child Care Resource & Referral wants to make sure parents and others know how important it is to make sure children babies sleep well.

“The importance for babies to sleep alone on their back in a cradle with nothing in the crib other than the baby and a tight-fitting sheet. No blankets or pillows, stuffed animals, protective cushions, quilts, ”said Kathie Cothern, program manager for Tennessee Child Care Resource and Referral.

These things may seem harmless to the average person, but Cothern says these items can actually cause the baby to choke or develop. sudden infant death syndrome.

“Co-sleep is a risk factor for SIDS. Infants sleeping on their stomachs, sleeping in an unsafe environment, a couch, a floor loaded with blankets, ”Cothern said.

Cothern says a lot of people may not know it, but every year many Tennessee babies die from sleep-related causes. Most of the time, it is completely preventable.

“In addition to getting you back to sleep, a pacifier helps prevent SIDS. Air circulation in the room. Maybe a fan, ”Cothern said.

And to continue the Safe Sleep Month celebration in October, babies born at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital leave with a sleeping bag.

“This is a safe sleeping device that an infant would wear over their coveralls or sleeper and act as a blanket,” Cothern said.

Cothern says it’s important to spread the word to grandparents, as well as anyone else who will be responsible for looking after your child.

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