This baby monitor soothed my parental nightmares and sleep fears for my toddler


The Nanit Pro baby monitor is my first choice for parents.

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Choosing a baby monitor can be one of the most stressful purchases of all new parent equipment to buy. The monitors promise peace of mind, sending instant motion alerts and constant monitoring of your baby’s sleep pattern and vital signs. What you don’t know right away is the fear that your camera will be hacked or randomly stop working – a common problem that parents face.

I watched dozens of cameras, and none of them were perfect for me as a first-time parent. But the Nanit Pro camera comes pretty close. Since its configuration, I sleep better at night, knowing that my monitor will alert me if my child wakes up or moves, or if the app loses the connection to the camera. Plus, he celebrates his milestones, like sleeping through the night and his birthday.

Here are the features that for me make the Nanit Pro better than the rest, along with the features I wanted, all within my budget. To learn more, here’s our rundown of the best baby monitors to help you narrow your search. And here’s how Uber can deliver baby essentials.

Nanit’s mobile app gives you full control over your monitor

The most basic baby monitor often includes a camera and sound to give you live updates on what’s going on with your baby. For me, I always want to know what happens when my child is in his room. Most baby monitor apps show live view with night vision and send motion triggered alerts. But I like that Nanit gives me more information and control from the app without disturbing my little one’s sleep. Here’s what else Nanit can do.

  • View a live view of any activity and zoom in for a closer look.
  • Soothe him back to sleep with the camera’s two-way audio.
  • Check the night light and its brightness.
  • Turn the camera on and off.
  • Turn on night mode to darken my phone screen while keeping an eye on my baby without screen lock.
  • Play clips from motion-triggered alerts.

The app is easy to use and immediately shows what interests me. When I open the app the first thing I see is how long my baby has been sleeping or when he or she woke up. Nanit also has an Amazon Alexa skill, so I can use voice commands to control the baby monitor.

If you want more details and tips on your child’s sleep, a Nanit Insights subscription allows you to track your child’s sleep patterns and store videos for more than two days, along with other monitoring tools. . One year of Nanit Insights is included with the Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro cameras, but it only includes two days of data, which is enough for me. After the first year, the basic subscription is $ 5 per month. For $ 10 per month you can store for 30 days, and for $ 30 per month you can get unlimited storage.

Nanit’s dashboard gives you details about your baby’s sleep

I’m so glad I had this camera during my baby’s many sleep regressions. The Nanit’s Insights dashboard allows me to look back on my baby’s sleep patterns over the past week to see changes in their sleep patterns. This is useful if he is ill, undergoes developmental changes, or is just having a rough night.

The dashboard is easily accessible at the bottom of the app. The dashboard shows the onset of sleep so I know how long it takes my child to fall asleep once in bed. And it shows how long he’s slept, how many visits I make to soothe my nap, and how well he sleeps to see how well he slept through the night.

The app also displays a movement map and shows my baby’s preferred sleeping position, as well as the area of ​​the crib in which he slept the most.

And I can also watch a night reading from my baby. These features make the Nanit Insights subscription worth it for this feature alone.

The Nanit community connects me with other parents

Of all the parent groups that I am a part of, I love how a community of parents and experts came up with my camera purchase. Thanks to the Nanit community, I can ask questions and get advice to help me navigate a new parenthood. And I can share my own ideas on all things kid rearing and parenting – diet, sleep, personal time and more. The community is divided into different categories, so I can join the groups that interest me the most. Additionally, the Nanit community can help me troubleshoot issues and offer tips on how to get the most out of my camera.

Nanit accessories that I regret not having bought

Like the Owlet smart sock, Nanit offers a few accessories that can help parents have peace of mind. I started with the Nanit Pro with the included wall mount, with the idea of ​​adding other accessories as needed. Here are some accessories that you might find useful.

Nanit has smart sheets that can measure your baby’s growth and breathing, as well as heart rate monitors that your child can wear that you can check from the app. You can also travel safely with your Nanit camera with the travel case. For more control over your camera, you can get a floor stand or what the company calls a multi-stand (which I plan to buy) which allows you to easily move the camera between rooms and get a wider view. of one piece.

How I handled privacy, safety and security issues

You may have heard of hackers taking control of baby monitors. Before choosing the Nanit Pro, my fiancé did extensive research on Nanit’s safety measures. As a security measure, we have changed our Wi-Fi username and password and changed passwords for other linked devices in the house before connecting the camera to our Wi-Fi. So far , everything went well. For added protection, Nanit offers two-factor authentication (which we have enabled). We can also turn on the camera using the app for more privacy.

For the safety of my little one, Nanit’s monitor is designed to hide the cord in the wall bracket, so my little one won’t even know he’s there.

If you’re looking for other first-time parenting must-haves, here’s what we think of the MamaRoo (another personal favorite) and everything you need to know about the Snoo before buying one.

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