The Pegasus is what will happen if Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz ever have a baby Jetski


Folks, what you have in front of you is, believe it or not, a jetski. However, it brings a whole new twist to the classic toy that just might be the twist the industry needs to brush up on.

The Pegasus is a conceptual design by two designers, Luca Martini and Justo Centurion, two Argentinian designers. No one knows how these two got to work together, and it doesn’t matter; what matters is the Pegasus.

According to the Behance design page, the Pegasus is supposed to take inspiration from brands like Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and a few others. Drawing inspiration from these manufacturers, the two designers came up with a “sleek and sporty recreational vehicle”, or in layman’s terms, a super jetski that appears to belong to the garage of a hundred million dollar superyacht.

So we know it’s a jetski, but how does it work? After all, it is unlike any other design on the market. One way to begin to understand the Pegasus a bit is to compare it to a certain sea creature, the manta ray. As well as looking really neat, the design of the Pegasus is also made to perform as efficiently as possible, and the manta ray is one of the most agile creatures in the sea. Nothing less is to be expected. of this jetski.

Now these hydrofoil fins seem like they can cut through water like a knife, but in order to do that a propulsion system has to be in place. If you look at the back of the Pegasus, you’ll see two massive tubes. These tubes are nothing more than jet propulsion. Simple, efficient, proven. As the saying goes, don’t mess with a good thing.

What the two designers changed is the way these jet engines are powered. Believe it or not, Pegasus is meant to be powered by nothing more than electrical energy. Apart from the fact that the body is intended to house Panasonic batteries accessible from the front of the vehicle, these batteries are only powered by the sun. Yes, Pegasus runs on solar power.

I understand this might sound a bit odd considering there is no solar panel on the design, but the way it’s done is by integrating solar cells into Pegasus’ footboard. This last piece was only inspired by the roofs of Tesla.

Unfortunately, the designers don’t have any other internal mechanisms figured out, and no top speeds are advertised. One thing is certain, it must be a lot of fun to drive.

Speaking of horseback riding, if Pegasus ever hits the market as a billionaire’s toy, if something similar doesn’t already exist, it will be ridden like you ride a cafe racer, with less clothes, with none doubt. Pegasus also has an LCD display, helping you track speeds, battery levels, and any other detail.

I understand this is just a concept or renderings, but the point is, this is just the first step in the evolution of such a vehicle. All that has to happen now is for a millionaire or billionaire to see this design, buy it, and order it to be built. Personally, I would love to ride something like this someday.

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