The Money Machine October 2018


October is over, I was going to update you on the evolution of the money machine and this month’s stock buy.

October has been a really sweaty month on the stock exchange. It has been very swaying, it has probably not escaped many that there was talk of stock market crash in the media. Unfortunately, the media works this way and especially about finance.

Stock market turns down

Stock market turns down

The “experts” must have something to write about and if it starts to shake a little and the stock market turns down then it is tempting to get the banknotes with “now the stock market crash is here” eg. There is so much psychology on the stock exchange so we try to stay away from all media. Since we are long-term, it does not matter that the stock market goes down sometimes.

It is sometimes needed and will always happen from time to time. The fact that we are safe with our portfolio means that we do not have to worry about short-term fluctuations, but we know that in the long term it will continue upwards.

We have basically followed the index, 0.02% better. That means that October ended at -7.46%. It did not erase the whole year-end but not far from it!

Activity of the month


This month, we have decided that we do not have to spend all of our monthly savings on our leave budget. Our budget is starting to feel pretty good and we will have some “extra” money for contingencies. Based on the fact that we already have a good budget, we decided this month to spend some money on the latest project at BRINE, we have put in a slant at Savelend (peer to peer lending) and our monthly savings to Good Finance. Have not bought any shares although it may have been a good situation with many shares that have gone down a lot last month.

The house in the United States


Everything is practically ready and the house is now officially ours. We own the house through an LLC (American business type) that we started. The house has been renovated and right now our property manager is looking for tenants. This means that at the moment the house does not give us any income, but of course we hope to get tenants in as soon as possible. The house we own is a “duplex” and it can be seen as a semi-detached house. It is thus a house but it can live two families in each part of the house with its own kitchen, bathroom etc. The house is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

It feels really exciting that we are finally here. We started the process in June so it has taken time to get everything in place. Right now is very new to us considering how we will take care of the house, what is required of us and how we handle tax returns and taxes etc. It is part to get involved.


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