The Milk Bank urgently needs more than 300 donors by the end of 2021



Be sure to use only non-toxic pens or markers to write on breast milk storage bags.

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – As the year draws to a close, The Milk Bank is calling on women to consider becoming a milk donor to help care for premature and fragile infants and families.

“The Milk Bank is on track to distribute over 300,000 ounces of pasteurized breast milk to donors this year. To meet the needs of the smallest patients, your milk donations are needed now, ”said Freedom Kolb, executive director of The Milk Bank.

Blake Evans’ packaged shipment of frozen breast milk she donates to an organization is seen on Tuesday, June 24, 2008. (AP Photo / Salisbury Post, Wayne Hinshaw)

Pasteurized donor breast milk (PDHM) is most often used in neonatal intensive care units and hospitals for premature or frail infants when a parent’s milk is not available, The Milk Bank said. Breast milk is the best way to survive a premature baby, with a 75% increase when a premature baby is fed a diet of 100% breast milk.

Because premature babies are born weeks or months earlier than expected, the mother’s body may need more time to adjust to breastfeeding. The Milk Bank said that donated milk gives infants the nutrients they need while their mothers build up a supply.

To become a donor, you must:

  1. Complete a 10-minute telephone screening with The Milk Bank’s donor mother coordinator at 317-536-1670.
  2. Complete and return an information package, including signed forms from your baby’s pediatrician and obstetrician.
  3. The Milk Bank will organize your drowning in blood and cover all costs.
  4. Once all of your information is completed and reviewed, you will be approved.

Once a woman is approved, the Milk Bank has stated that she can accept donated milk in any of 60 milk depots. Shipping supplies will be sent to donors free of charge.

For more information or to see if you are eligible, visit The Milk Bank website or call 317-536-1670.

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