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Since giving birth to her son Gage in 1000 pound sisters season 2, Amy Slaton generously shared the biggest milestones in the little boy’s young life with her passionate fan base. Much like Amy shares all about her personal life on the Slaton Sisters’ reality show, the artist kept her subscribers up to date with every exciting moment of Gage’s first trip around the Sun. From vacations to new teeth, these are all of the most exciting events in Gage’s life that Amy has captured in pictures.

Amy’s journey to motherhood was much tougher than most parents expected. Initially, Amy and her husband Michael Halterman couldn’t have children because the weight of the TV personality made the prospect of childbirth too dangerous. This meant that if Amy and Michael were to fulfill their aspirations of having a child of their own, Amy would have to have weight loss surgery first.


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Although she encountered a few obstacles along the way, Amy was ultimately successful in reaching her goal of losing enough weight to qualify for the gastric bypass operation which ended up completely changing her life. Not only was Amy able to live a life free from the major health complications associated with her weight, the reality TV star and her husband were finally able to start the family they’ve always dreamed of. While Amy’s doctor, Dr. Procter, had her concerns, the 1000 pound sisters The star gave birth to a healthy baby boy on November 10, 2020.

Gage’s first appearance on Amy’s Instagram

Even though Gage was born in early November 2020, the prince of reality TV took his time before making his introduction on social media. For a while, Amy chose to keep the baby boy off her Instagram, but after sister Slaton gave birth in 1000 pound sisters season 2, Amy finally felt like it was time to show off her son. The day after the episode airing Gage’s birth, Amy shared her first captioned photo of Gage, “Pledge deon halterman.” Gage’s first post featured the young reality TV star in a variety of poses and positions during her first four months, including lying on Amy’s bed, playing with a toy, drinking from her bottle, and wearing sunglasses. fashionable jumpsuits. In addition to that first post, Amy shared a handful of other photos on March 2 to commemorate the first time viewers got a glimpse of Baby Gage.

Gage’s first photo shoot

Unsurprisingly, Amy’s first set of photos featuring her booming boy has been criticized by ashamed moms. Critical supporters of Amy noted that Amy put her baby in unsanitary areas of her home, like her stained bed. Fortunately, Amy was able to respond to her detractors with a monumental set of photos less than a week later. On March 8, Amy shared several photos of “Gage’s 1st photoshoot in 2020.” This photoshoot features some of the cutest images of Amy’s baby, as Gage is no more than a month and a half into the stylish photo release. From Gage wearing a puppy cap to the smiling little boy widely in his mother’s arms, Gage’s first photoshoot marks the first time Amy’s followers have been able to get a feel for her son’s silly personality. These professional images also calmed critics as they only elicited adoration from Amy’s followers.

Gage’s First Easter

A baby’s first holiday celebrations are important events in every mother and father’s first year of parenthood. The first holidays are even more appreciated when the child is born with a passionate fan base. 1000 pound sisters supporters. Sadly, Amy’s subscribers missed out on photos from Gage’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities, as the TV personality chose to keep her son out of public view for his first few months. Fortunately, Amy made up for the lack of content for the winter break with articles that recorded Gage’s first Easter experience. Amy shared a collection of photos showing Gage holding a stuffed bunny along with the caption, “Gage’s 1st Easter 2021. Happy Easter everyone. ” Amy also shared photos of Gage meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time in an adorable bunny-themed outfit.

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Gage learns to crawl in the army

One of the first demonstrations of Gage’s development came just over a month after Amy began sharing her mother’s journey with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. Previously, all of Gage’s photos showed the blossoming little boy lying or resting in Amy’s arms. On April 12, however, Amy shared a few photos of Gage progressing to get around on his own. Amy posted a duo of captioned photos, “Gage learned to crawl in the army. So cute.” The pair of photos show Amy’s son discovering new methods of mobility as Gage’s arms pull him onto his blanket. Not only was this an exciting update to Gage’s growing process, but it also demonstrated Amy’s baby reaching standard baby milestones as he experiences exploration at just five months old. .

Fathers Day

One of the most striking “firsts” for new parents, it’s celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with their newborns with joy. Although Amy did not share a photo of her and Gage commemorating Mother’s Day in May, the 1000 pound sisters The star made up for that with some adorable photos of what Father’s Day looked like in the Slaton-Halterman house. On June 20, Amy posted four photos of Gage and Michael together, wearing festive outfits to mark the father-son holiday. As Michael pulled on a shirt that read: “Our first Father’s Day”, Gage wore a jumpsuit with the words, “Happy 1st Father’s Day” scribbled on it. Amy captioned the candid pics, “Happy 1st Father’s Day 2021 Mike Halterman.” This set of images stands out in Gage’s Year One Image Collection as they highlight the formation of Michael and Gage’s long-standing relationship.

Gage’s first tooth

Besides getting a glimpse of Gage’s first vacation, fans love to see evidence that Amy’s son has gone from a newborn to a growing boy. Last summer, Gage took a big step forward when his first fang emerged from his previously intact gums. On July 1, Amy shared a photo of a smiling Gage captioned, “Gage has his first tooth sticking out.” Without Amy’s post, it would be difficult for fans of the reality TV star to discern the change in Gage’s appearance. Upon detailed investigation, however, it is evident that Gage has a tooth sticking out behind his lip. The arrival of baby teeth is an important stage in the development of a child and 1000 pound sisters fans were grateful to Amy for sharing the event on Instagram.

Gage’s first Halloween

As his birthday approached in November, the last first party Gage celebrated in 2021 was the spookiest day of the year, Halloween. In the collection of images, Gage is living out his Western dreams disguised as a cowboy. With a giant cowboy hat, a bandana around the neck, and matching trendy boots, Gage’s first Halloween photos are among the cutest photos of baby boy Amy shared to date. Amy captioned the lovely message nicely, “Cowboy pledges a roo 2021.” Although the post drew criticism for Gage’s seat belt placement, most fans loved how captivating Amy’s son looked in his Western outfit.

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Celebration of the 1st anniversary of Gage

The last momentous occasion of Gage’s first year came with the celebration of his birthday. On November 10, the 1000 pound sisters Mom Amy Slaton shared a selfie that highlights Gage’s piercing blue eyes and affinity for sucking on her pacifier. Amy commemorated Gage’s 1 year old by writing, “I’m so [honored] and proud to say that I am your mother. Dad and I love you so much. You are our heart and our soul … ” Gage’s first birthday not only celebrated the fascinating year the little boy lived, but also honored how far Amy has come as a mother. Fans will surely be able to observe many other Gage milestones in the 1000 pound sisters seasons to come.

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