Taliban orders clothing store mannequins beheaded for ‘idols’ in latest twisted decree in jihadist war on women


THE Taliban have ordered the beheading of clothing store models for “idols” as bullies continue to wage war on women’s freedoms.

Traders in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat were asked to cut off the heads of their mannequins after authorities ruled the models to be sinful “idols.”


Models have been deemed “idols” and worship of idols is considered a sin in IslamCredit: rex

Idol worship is considered a sin in Islam, which prohibits the worship of anyone or anything other than Allah – considered the only God.

The harsh ruling was released this week by the Department for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Herat, the body responsible for overseeing the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islam.

The ministry initially ordered traders to completely remove the mannequins, but store owners fought back and said it would lead to significant financial losses.

The complaints prompted Sheikh Aziz-u-Rahman, the head of the ministry, to instead order the beheading of the models, according to local reports.

A note to traders said, “All statues and mannequins in your stores must be headless. “

Company owner Abdul Wadood Faiz Zada ​​told Italian newspaper Repubblica: “Each model costs $ 100, or $ 80 or $ 70, and beheading them will be a huge financial loss.”

Mohammad Yusuf added: “The Taliban have not changed, there will be restrictions again.

“They didn’t gain international recognition, but if they did, they would bring back even stricter limitations.”

Afghan women have faced a fierce crackdown on their freedoms and education since the Taliban came to power earlier this year.

Women and girls have long been warned that they will be the biggest potential victims of the Taliban takeover as fighters reverse 20 years of progress.

The brutal, oppressive and sexist laws promulgated by the group in the 90s are put back in place.

Women are at risk of murder for showing too much flesh, claiming basic human rights, having affairs and being raped.

Bullies have reportedly previously burned a woman to death after claiming she served poor food to her members.

And as the Taliban invaded Afghanistan, it was reported that their militants were already abducting children as young as 12.

A charity also recently issued an urgent warning as baby girls as young as 20 days old are offered into marriage.


UNICEF said it had received “credible reports” of day-old babies promised for future marriages in exchange for a dowry.

The association estimates that 28% of Afghan women between the ages of 15 and 49 are married before they turn 18.

And the rules introduced by the Taliban prohibiting teenage girls from going to school only make the situation worse.

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said: “Education is often the best protection against negative coping mechanisms such as child marriage and child labor.

She added that child marriage “can lead to a life of suffering”.

Taliban fighters are also reportedly buying child brides and even babies to raise and turn into sex slaves for the low price of £ 800.

Sources said children as young as one year old would be sold to vile extremists in exchange for money, cattle and weapons.

Habiba Jamshidi, a women’s rights activist in the west of the country, said women make up half of the population and should not be treated inhumanly.

She said that one of the reasons for the problem of child marriage is the lack of “proper awareness of the role and position of women”.

Child protection committee stands as UNICEF reports girls as young as 20 DAYS offered in marriage in Afghanistan

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