Santa gets help from Cape Coral business owner



A special gift for those in need this Christmas. A man distributes free gifts and food; enough to help over 70 families.

It’s no secret that Santa and his elves are working overtime on Christmas week, but Big 10 Tavern owner Jason Bhimji jumps in the sleigh to help him get it all done.

“This is our fifth annual food drive, but this year we held a food and toy drive,” Bhimji said.

He turned one of his restaurants into a toy store.

From dolls to toys that pull on the wall to food that will adorn the hallways, he has thought of everything.

Bhimji said, “When they get out, they will be able to feed 8-10 people in their family and charge them for the holiday season.”

But some need a little extra help. “We’re actually going to see a lady who contacted us a few days ago to ask for toys and food for her grandchildren,” Bhimji said.

Elaine Estep is this loving grandmother who will do anything to make her grandchildren believe in the magic of the holidays. A little extra help will go a long way.

“There are children who will still believe in Santa on Christmas morning and that is what it is,” Estep said.

Bhimji knows what it’s like to doubt, “Our family grew up in poverty, you know.” Now he hopes there is no child with a pout. “I love my community and think it shows you know it.”

Any additional toys will be donated to the children’s hospital.

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