Rajveer confused about the promise


MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rajveer says how can I say that to Seher? She has already suffered so much. I can’t even touch her let alone have a baby with her. He thinks of waking her up. Rajveer says I can’t do this. Rajveer says I’ll be a bad person for Seher. Her brothers will take her from here. But I can’t hurt him. I do not know what to do.

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Harshdeep looks at the baby’s clothes. She said Sonu, I told you I would bring you back. I will remind Uncle Rajveer of his promise. He will never break his promise.

Scene 2
Harshdeep tells Seher that you look so fresh. Mausa ji says the new bride is shining. It must be planning. Harshdeep says what planning? Seher says honeymoon, doesn’t she? Harshdeep asks Rajever what you said to Seher? He says I need time. It’s a big deal. Harshdeep says she’s your wife. If you don’t tell him, I’ll tell him in 24 hours.

Everyone returns to the breakfast table. Seher tells Rajveer that everything is okay? Dida was talking to you? Ramila said to tell him what your siblings were discussing. Ramila says Harsh you tell us. Harshdeep says it depends on Rajveer whether he says it now or later. Rajveer says I’m not hungry. He leaves. Ramila calls the chief servant. Seher says we call them by name. It is not good to call them servant. Ramila tells Harsh to ask him not to tell me all this and teach me. Harsh says her name is Shamo. Seher goes to the kitchen. The chief has a heart attack. Seher yells for help. She takes him with other servants.

Seher says to make him lie down. The other servant says that we are not allowed to touch the sofa. Seher says to lay it there. She takes off his shoe. Seher calls the doctor. Ramila says she takes off a servant’s shoe and gives him medicine with our spoon. Seher says he cooks for you everyday and you eat that. Ramila said how dare you argue with me. Harsh says Seher is right. Give him the best treatment and give him a month off. Seher says thank you dida.

Scene 3
Anurita and Param are on a date. Does she say you’re flirting with me? He says no no. She says you can. Param says when I see it in your eyes. Karan calls him. She cuts the call. Karan says why she ignores me. Is there anyone with her? Her boy friend? He calls again. Anurita says it’s a random number. Param chooses and says she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Rajveer says how can I tell Seher. Seher texts Rajveer and tells him what are you hiding from me? She says you’re upset. Respond please. Rajveer says what should I do. If I’m lying, she’ll know. Seher calls him. Rajveer says I can’t talk to him. She cuts the call. Seher texts where are you?

Rajveer comes to the temple to render service. He remembers Harsh talking about the promise and Seher saying she trusted him. A baba ji stops him. Rajveer says sorry for being distracted. Baba ji says because your heart and mind are turned away. God will bring you forward from here. Have faith. Rajveer prays.

Scene 4
Harshdeep is on his way. Ramila sits in his car to follow her. It’s in the trunk. Ramila says where is she going? Seher is looking for Rajveer. She’s on her way too. Harshdeep comes to a place with money. Seher also comes to the temple to serve. Rajveer says Seher. He ignores it.

The episode ends.

Precap-Rajveer says Seher Dida wants us to give him our first child. I promised him. Seher cries and says a child between us?

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