Perfect timing: Equipment purchased before pandemic helps PA hospital fight COVID


They were also able to purchase several telemetry units.

“They allow our ICU staff to monitor patients on a different floor of the hospital who do not need to be on a ventilator,” Buckler added.

These units help free up beds, especially for intensive care, and allow staff to focus more on people with COVID.

As of September 24, 30 people from north-central Saskatchewan, which includes the PA, are in hospital and seven need intensive care beds.

Meanwhile, the hospital is battling a fourth wave of COVID-19, which means more equipment is needed.

The VHF is currently raising funds to purchase equipment for its newborn intensive care unit.

Construction of the upgraded space is nearing completion, which will allow more babies to be born in PA and help those who need extra care.

“The timing couldn’t be better… you can imagine 350 square feet being cramped and overcrowded or eight to nine babies during a pandemic with mothers trying to access their babies,” Buckler noted.

When complete, the NICU will be approximately 4000 square feet in area.

Fundraising efforts will also take place this year for a new mammography machine that will help detect breast cancer, a new endoscopy tower that powers all the functions needed to perform an endoscopic procedure that involves inserting a long tube. hose in your throat and esophagus, and analyzers for their lab.

Later, Buckler says they will also look to purchase a second CT scanner.

“If the CT scanner fails, they need to be redirected to Saskatoon. “

However, PA also needs an MRI machine, which is expected to happen once the new $ 300 million hospital project is completed.

There is no specific timeline on when it will be completed.

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