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Ellegood is ready for Kentucky, thanks to voluntary donors.

Courtesy of: Michael Ellegood

Michael Ellegood may live in Haskell, Oklahoma, but his heart will forever be in his hometown of Mayfield, Kent.

The December 10 tornado, which spanned more than 200 miles, was a reminder of how much his city of about 10,000 people needs him, and so many others.

That’s why he decided to hire a U-Haul truck, instead of his own personal van, fill it with as many supplies as possible and drive it to the affected areas.

The need is there, and it is great.

“There aren’t enough hands on the ground here,” Ellegood said in a telephone conversation with the Wagoner County American-Tribune. “There just isn’t any. “

Originally thinking it would be a small excursion to get supplies to affected residents, the Oklahoma Standard was quickly released after others began to figure out what it was doing. More than 100 people have appeared in his inbox asking for help.

Country Mart in Coweta donated 15 cases of water and Walmart donated a $ 75 gift card. Ellegood used it to buy more water. He had 64 cases of water loaded when all was said and done.

The water

Country Mart in Coweta donated 15 cases of water. He had 64 cases when all was said and done.

Courtesy of: Michael Ellegood

Thanks to Elegood’s penny and a plethora of generous donors, he was able to fill the U-Haul trailer to the brim with water, clothes, baby items, blankets, toiletries and even a few. books to keep residents out of the minds of mass destruction.

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