Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: 10 Most Powerful Accessories


The armor and weapons are brilliant and all, but some of the most underrated tools in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are the little trinkets and pom poms. These rings, pendants and amulets add up to create truly beneficial and sometimes overpowered effects. In fact, some of them are downright more amazing than some unique weapons or armor.

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As such, it’s best not to sleep on Wrath of the Righteous props. The best might just help you achieve that ascent to divinity much more easily, or might even turn you into a godly character with little need for progression. Better to keep an eye out and channel your inner magpie instincts for these accessories.

Clockwork pendant


  • Type: Amulet

  • Utility: Movement speed bonus and Haste and Slow spell buff

Do you want to play with time and your enemies? So don’t go breaking the rules of physics without the Clockwork pendant. It gives the wearer a +10 movement speed increase which is always welcome especially for melee characters.

Apart from this, the Clockwork pendant also has increases the longevity of the Haste and Slow spell about half as if they were under the effect of the Extend Spell feat. Haste happens to be one of the most crucial spells in the game for overkill combos or to gain an overall advantage.

Amulet of Gyronna

pathfinder legend mythical path

  • Type: Amulet

  • Usefulness: increased armor and evasion

If you find that your characters die too often, which is hard to avoid in a game like Wrath of the Righteous, then Gyronna’s Amulet should help you tremendously. It gives a big insight bonus of +5 to CA (armor class), making its wearer more difficult to hit.

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Now if this is not safe enough for you then the wearer also receives the benefits and effects of the Mirror Image spell. This is only one of the most reliable escape or tank spells in the game. The spell summons four caster illusions around them and enemies will usually have to go through all four illusions to finally land a hit. on the original.

Ira’s heart


  • Type: Amulet

  • Usefulness: Immunity to fatigue and exhaustion and offensive aura

The Heart of Ira is quite the package for any melee character. This makes the wearer immune to fatigue or exhaustion– two of the most debilitating status effects in the game, both of which will be automatically applied to any character during extended exploration periods.

Making it more attractive is also the Nothingness aura included. This aura caused any creature adjacent to the wearer to take 2d6 damage and they must also succeed on a Reflex roll to avoid getting tired. Keep in mind that this will affect party members as well, so it’s best to keep them at bay.

Deadly awakening

scout wotr demon

  • Type: Amulet

  • Usefulness: crowd control and keep the wearer alive

Saving plans are always great or sometimes even mandatory in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, as many encounters depend on luck. Something like Deathly Arousal provides bearer insurance for a small package.

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If its wearer receives a fatal blow, they will be automatically cured by 50 HP. After, their attacker will be overthrown for two Sleeves or two rounds. This easily sets them up for brutal retaliation where they likely won’t stay alive for two more turns while lying down. Unfortunately, you can’t abuse this amulet perk with the Last Stand feat since you can only trigger it. once a day.

angel heart


  • Type: Amulet

  • Usefulness: Armor increases the aura and debuff of the demon enemy

Demons are the most common type of enemy in Wrath of the Righteous. Dealing with them is also painful as they have a lot of damage reductions that stack up. The angel heart is the perfect countermeasure for this and it is also suitable for paladins or clerics.

The amulet gives off a 30 foot aura which gives each party member a +1 CA Bonus. Its main attraction, however, is that the aura also makes the affected party members ignore damage reductions from a demon target. Overall, this is a powerful tool for the main quest.

Ancestral punishment


  • Type: Ring

  • Utility: crowd control

When it comes to rings, Ancestral Retribution is pretty straightforward. A character who wears it will be push his target back 10 feet after hitting it for the first time in a meeting or a fight. Is to suppose that the wearer is fight defensively, so no click targets.

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In addition to being repelled, the poor target will also be forced lying down for a ride. Despite the rather difficult condition, the ring is still ideal for tank characters as the rest of the party can easily take out any prone attacker.

The wisdom of Conthyr

scout cover knights

  • Type: Ring

  • Utility: Mass Debuff

Conthyr’s Wisdom is a ring that seems to have been tailor-made for Rogues or Slayers since it rewards sneak attacks. If worn, the wearer inflict a status called paranoia on their target the very first time they are sneak attacked.

The target and its adjacent allies will then undergo a -1 penalty on saving throws and one -2 penalty to damage rolls. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a good way to keep your Rogue, Slayer, or even the party tank alive. The debuff can also stay on for multiple turns depending on the 1d4 roll.

The beauty of Zaoris

Pathfinder Human Dandy Art

  • Type: Ring

  • Usefulness: improve the offensive of the allies

Zaoris’ beauty really lives up to its name. It’s more than a beautiful ring; it’s also a buff device that turns all melee characters in the party into lethal swashbucklers. It’s because any ally who also attacks the chosen target of the wearer of this ring will gain significant offensive bonuses provided they keep attacking the same target.

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These bonuses include: 1d6 additional precision damage for each shot and +2 circumstance bonus on their attack rolls. With these, they are almost guaranteed to hit the target. Since a common strategy in encounters is to concentrate shots or attacks on a single threat, this ring makes this tactic more effective.

Superior Balance Ring

bastard scout

  • Type: Ring

  • Usefulness: Defense and status immunities

Do you want to become a god before you have even reached the maximum of your chosen mythical path? Then be sure to catch one of these babies. The Large Ring of Balance is one of the most impressive defensive tools in the game. It adds a +5 deflection bonus to AC or armor.

That’s not all, he also makes his carrier immune To:

  • Emotion effects

  • Fear

  • Confusion

Last but not least, the ring gives the wearer permanent Freedom of movement comes out, making them always mobile despite the terrain and forced obstacles. It’s like a mythical mini-path. This whole tank comes at a cost, as you can only wear this ring if your character is a true neutral in the alignment chart.

Extent of haste


  • Type: Ring

  • Utility: Additional attack

The advantage of Hasting Expanse doesn’t seem like much, but many players underestimate the power of additional attacks. Put it on a Barbarian, Bloodrager, or Slayer and it quickly becomes a clutch tactic. This is easily done with Hasting Expanse.

Its wearer gets an additional attack of the highest attack bonus if he performs a full attack action. Ah, it’s also Stacks with Haste and similar spells, meaning you can double the number of attacks while the target gazes in awe at the number of pieces it was sliced ​​into after the turn.

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