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How to get a loan?


All you need to do is complete the application on the website and then verify your bank account with the Instantor service. Consideration of the application and transfer of funds usually takes up to 15 minutes. After submitting the application, please wait for the telephone contact of our analyst.

After receiving a positive decision, you will receive money for a confirmed account without additional delays. To increase the chance of positive verification of the application, add your payment card and express your consent for recurring payments. You will not have to remember the repayment date and the amount will be automatically charged from your account.

What is the maximum amount and duration of the loan?

maximum  loan

You can borrow from 2000 PLN to even 12000 PLN for a period of 12 to 48 months

Some combinations of amounts and dates may not be available due to the amount of the installment. All possible combinations are visible on the sliders on the home page.What requirements do you have to meet to get a loan? To get a loan in Funeda you must have Polish citizenship, an account with a Polish bank with the possibility of access via the Internet, an active mobile number, you must also be 20-70 years old.

The registration form must be completed by the same person who is the owner of the bank account.

How fast will I get a loan?

fast loan

You can get a loan a moment after you make a positive decision. The transfer will be made via the payment operator, which will send money directly to your bank account, bypassing the ELIXIR session. This means that even in a few minutes you can enjoy the available funds if you submitted your application during Funeda’s working hours.Is income verification required? In most cases, there is no need to verify income, but in limited cases the consultant may ask for some form of confirmation.

We accept all documents in electronic form without the need to visit the post office or branch, so as not to burden our clients with additional activities.What if I can not repay the loan installments on time? In this case, please contact us before the payment deadline. Our advisors will try to advise you on the problem of repayment of the loan.What is Instantor? Instantor is a quick method of verification of the bank account owner, it also helps in the verification of your creditworthiness.

This method is faster and more convenient than a verification transfer, as it works even with zero or negative balance on the bank account. Many institutions from the financial sector use this method of verification and it is fully secure. For more information about the service, please visit the Instantor AB website.How do I pay back my loan at Funeda? A loan in Funeda can be repaid by a free, fast transfer or by registering your payment card for recurring payments. To pay off the loan by a quick transfer, log in to the Customer Area, and then click on the “Pay” button, which will be visible on the repayment schedule at the installment with the status “Current”. You will be directed to your bank and asked to log into your account and then confirm the transaction. All data needed for the transfer will be completed and should not be modified as it may cause problems with the payment.

A convenient method, which does not require remembrance of the repayment date, are recurring payments.

To add a card, click on the “registration of payment card” button, visible after logging into the Customer Area.How do I activate recurring payments in Funeda? Recurring payments simplify repayment of loan installments. All you need to do is register your payment card immediately after verifying the Instantor service or after logging into the customer area. You will not have to remember the installment payment date and the amount due will be automatically charged from your bank account.How to get another loan in Funeda? You can only have one active loan in Funeda. After paying off the last installment of the previous loan, log in to the Customer Area and then apply for another loan. We can ask you to re-verify your account in the Instantor service each time you apply for a loan.


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