October is Safe Sleep and Infant Loss Awareness Month


JAMESTOWN, ND (NewsDakota.com) – Safe sleep and infant loss are the focus of concern during the month of October.

Tens of thousands of families across the United States are devastated by the death of their babies every year. But the grief of these families and the value of the lives of their babies is very rarely recognized.

Emily Woodley, director of the family’s birthplace at Jamestown Regional Medical Center, says the safe practices they use help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Some steps parents and caregivers can do to prevent SIDS include putting a sleeping baby on their back, using firm bedding and no lint in the crib, keeping a baby out of your bed, using a pacifier to put the baby to sleep and keep your baby from overheating.

Woodley added that over time different studies have shown a change in the way infants should be asleep.

A keepsake for those who have lost a baby due to SIDS, miscarriage or stillbirth will be held on October 15 to allow families and friends to honor their deceased babies.

Those interested in supporting others or attending the Wave of Light virtual event can join the Jamestown ND Area Wave of Light Facebook group. Once you join the group, your baby’s name will be added to the JRMC remembrance video. There will be ongoing messages throughout October and beyond to continue to provide support.

If you have any questions, contact Renae Lunde, RN, at the JRMC Family BirthPlace at (701) 952-4807 or visit jrmcnd.com.

Listen to the full Let’s Talk With Emily Woodley and Katie Ryan-Anderson below:

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