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Choices and consequences

EDITOR: I read with great interest your article on restaurants taking a stand on COVID-19 vaccinations, especially Anthony Trimino’s comments on discrimination (“Battle intensifies to prove vaccination”, Wednesday) . Frankly, I have had enough of anti-vaccines that complain about discrimination. They made the choice not to get the vaccine, and now they don’t want to face the consequences of their actions. Their choice puts others in danger. They must accept this responsibility. It’s called being an adult.



Increase the “living wage”

EDITOR: During my tenure as coordinator of the Living Wage Coalition, I worked with Marty Bennett and his allies to establish the living wage level in Sonoma County. We have learned that an ordinance is as good as a city or county enforcement.

Updating these ordinances to reflect changing conditions is part of this implementation process. With this in mind, we strongly encourage the Oversight Council to adopt the proposed revisions to the County’s Living Wages Act by North Bay Jobs with Justice, the North Bay Labor Council and the Alliance for a Just Recovery. These crucial changes will make the legislation more comprehensive, effective and enforceable.

The board is expected to approve a cost of living adjustment for 2017-2021 to increase the salary to over $ 17 per hour. In December, the council is expected to apply a COLA for 2022.

The workers covered by the Living Wage Act are mainly people of color, immigrants and women.

The county is the region’s largest employer and entrepreneur. The county benchmark labor standards have a beneficial effect on low-wage labor markets and private employers not directly affected by the ordinance. A vote for the revised Living Wage Law is a vote for social justice.



Barbara Lee and Israel

EDITOR: Alan Snitow is right that no politician is pure and that it would be foolish to entertain this expectation (“progressive purity”, Letters, Tuesday). However, his suggestion that East Bay Representative Barbara Lee is a leader in defending the Palestinians is a pure mirage.

Although some Democrats, including Lee, have said they oppose Israel’s annexation of Palestinian land, they have never done anything to prevent it. They are just saying it lip service. The bottom line is that the vast majority of members of Congress, including Lee again, have never seen a bill for billions of military aid to Israel that they did not vote for. Most of the weapons purchased with this aid are destined directly for the Palestinians. With the exception of Iran, Israel is no longer surrounded by hostile countries.

And the most recent of those fundraising bills, which Lee led as chairman of the legislation subcommittee, placed no conditions on Israel to receive the money. They can jail Palestinian children without charge, kick Palestinian families out of their homes and install Israeli settlers there, and annex whatever they want, but Israel always gets the money.



Everyone is “the press”

EDITOR: Once again, The Press Democrat’s illustrious editorial board has said it believes the First Amendment press freedom clause only applies to those who make a living in the mainstream media (“Newsom must ensure that teams can cover protests,” September 24). The First Amendment and all of its clauses apply equally to all citizens of our republic. I am “the press”. Everyone reading this (if it is printed) is “the press”. If journalists fit in with the rioters, they take the same chance as anyone else involved in the riot. If journalists ignore a legal order to disperse, they take the same chance as everyone else if they ignore the order. The entire Bill of Rights must be applied equally to every citizen. There must be no super-constitutional protection, no two-tier constitutional protection for any class.


Holy rose

Vaccination restrictions

EDITOR: I have been vaccinated. I will not get so sick that I am hospitalized or die. But I can still get and transmit COVID-19. Anti-vaccines are no more contagious than me. Why can’t they also eat in restaurants?



Texas Anti-Woman Law

EDITOR: The Texas abortion law is clearly not about saving the life of a fetus, it’s about destroying the life of the woman. Yet religious conservatives tell me the law is about saving babies, humans, not fetuses. The word “fetus” is the pro-choice word used to dehumanize and desensitize the killing of babies. I have to agree that it is dehumanizing to allow the abortion of unwanted babies on demand. It’s selfish, heartless, and callous.

Yet it is also selfish, heartless and callous to ban abortion and provide nothing beyond compulsory birth. The average cost of delivering a child is $ 4,500 nationwide. Who has that kind of money? And that doesn’t count the lost earnings of having to quit a job to raise a baby or the cost of raising that baby.

Couldn’t the law also have provided for several weeks of paid maternity leave, childcare, preschool education or help with other education expenses? What about prenatal and postnatal care? Baby clothes, toys, infant formula and baby food? I don’t think the Texas Democrats would have left the state if these provisions were in law.


Holy rose

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