Mom gives time capsule to daughter who started 1st birthday at age 18


A mother gave her daughter a special gift for her 18th birthday: a time capsule began on her first birthday and included letters from loved ones, some of whom died before the gift was even opened.

Kim Chastain spoke to FOX 35 about the origin of the idea. As her daughter Gracie’s first birthday approached, she wanted to do something really special, but also knew she probably wouldn’t remember anything since she was so young. So, thinking about the future, she decided to do a time capsule.

“I was heartbroken after the fairly recent loss of my grandmother and so saddened that Gracie never got to know one of the most amazing people in my life and I wondered how many other people Gracie wouldn’t remember or never know, “Kim said. “I thought if I could ask all of our loved ones to write down her notes, she would have something to remember them.”

Inside the time capsule were sentimental items such as baby clothes, letters from loved ones, a bracelet handmade by Kim’s grandfather, keepsakes from Gracie’s birth year such as as coins, magazines and newspapers, as well as other valuables such as savings certificates and jewelry. .

“The letters were the most special, as many were from relatives who have since passed away,” Kim added.

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Fast forward 18 and Kim was ready for Gracie to have it, explaining that “I chose to have her open when she turned 18 because I knew it would be her last year and she would get her. graduating from high school and starting her adult life soon and that would be a special send-off gift for her. “

Kim said she left the time capsule on the counter all day before her birthday party. The capsule itself is a fireproof safe, so her daughter asked why a cooler was on the counter. She didn’t know she had a surprise in store.

“Later when she found out what it was she was excited and a little overwhelmed when she opened it. She had no idea I had done this and that it had been hiding all these years. “Kim said. “I was upset myself when she opened it. Reading the letters from my deceased grandparents and great aunts moved us all. I was happy that I did and grateful for the experience it gave him. “

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Gracie is a singer, dancer and performer, her mother said. She helps run her family’s dance studio, the “Brownsburg Ballroom Dance Studio” in Indiana. Her mother said that Gracie’s dream since the age of six was to perform at Disney. When she graduated in June 2020, her family planned to move her to Florida to pursue a career at Walt Disney World, but COVID-19 hit central Florida and closed the parks for a few months. .

While the parks have since reopened, Kim told FOX 35 that no auditions for artists in her field had been opened until recently and that they were at Disneyland Paris. So, Gracie flew to Europe to try.

“She was successful and we are all thrilled,” Kim said. “While we are well aware that current events could spoil her plans again, she is hopefully finally able to begin her career for Disney within the next three to six months.”

She added: “We are all more than excited and can’t wait for her to finally get to work in her dream job.”

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Meanwhile, Kim said she actually has another time capsule ready to gift her other daughter, Kadence, when she turns 18 in November.

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