Mom Called A “Scrounger” After She Finally Asked Her Baby’s Father To Pay Child Support… Then Used It For A Bikini Wax


A mom sparked outrage online after telling her followers she used her child support money to get bikini wax.

The woman posted the video to her TikTok account, suzannescott4, where it has been viewed over 100,000 times.


Viewers said Suzanne “struck a chord” with her videoCredit: TikTok / @ suzannescott4 /

The mother-of-three, who is believed to be living in Scotland, shared the video with the caption: “#savage #thanksc *** #venge”

In the video, Suzanne writes, “When he won’t pay child support but you give them his NI number and now he’s paying for your vaginal wax.”

Although Suzanne said the whole video was a joke in the comments, many people were outraged by the claims she made in the video, with some even calling Suzanne a “digger.”

One user said: “The problem is so many women are using child support and child allowance for this shit.”

Another simply said, “Scrounger”.

A third user replied, “Say it all … People like her don’t deserve the chance to gender. I hope the kid never sees this later in life. Disappointing.”

Later in the comments, Suzanne let people know that she had never received child support and that the video itself was a joke.

Suzanne admitted in the comments that she was always happy with the father of her three boys.

Suzanne also works as a beautician and she and her partner provide for the family. Plus, she can save her money and wax herself whenever she wants.

However, there were also a lot of people who said that it shouldn’t matter if you get your nails or hair done, as long as the kids were taken care of.

One person commented: “It doesn’t matter what she spends the money on, she’s the one providing this child’s daily needs, diapers, bottles, clothes, etc.”

“Does that matter if that £ 20 a week goes on her nails.” The user added: “If his children were fed and clothed?

One woman wrote in despair: “People are actually standing up for men because they don’t pay for their children!

People were totally divided in the comments section


People were totally divided in the comments sectionCredit: TikTok / @ suzannescott4 /

Also, I didn’t like my vagina so I had an operation to make it perfect, I really regretted it.

And, my husband is 24 years older than me, people call him Jimmy Saville and think he is our child’s grandfather.

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