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Babies are not only easy to catch cold in winter, but also easy in summer. Different seasons have different clothes. Today’s article will talk about what parents should do on a hot day and how to dress a newborn baby in the summer.

1. How To to know if the baby too hot?

1.1 accelerated heart rate and breathing

When babies are too hot, their adrenaline starts to rise, their heart speeds up, blood pressure rises, breathing quickens. It is a reminder for parents to change clothes for their babies.

1.2 a red face

When the body is at maximum temperature, babies’ faces turn red. This is another sign of overheating. Parents should avoid overheating babies’ bodies and reduce the risk of excessive sweating.

1.3 increase in skin temperature

The midday sun is the most intense. At this time, the skin temperature reaches its highest level and the pores are more open, babies are more likely to sweat. On the one hand, sweating can cool the skin in hot weather. On the other hand, sweating will also cause babies to lose too much moisture. Wet clothes can make babies easily catch a cold.

When parents find out that their baby’s skin temperature is rising. They should consider removing the extra clothes or changing to cooler, more breathable clothes for their babies.

2. How to Drehash amnew born Im ssummer?


Kaiya Angel always has the health of babies in mind and chooses pure, natural, pollution-free and safe fabrics. 100% cotton is a soft, comfortable and static-free option. Two-way zipper design is easier to change diapers. The short sleeves are not only to move more freely, but also to be cooler on hot summer days. The adjustable hem design evolving with me allows this diaper to have a greater range of sizes. All babies aged 3 months to 24 months can wear it. The longer life of the sleeping bag corresponds to sustainable development. TOG 1.0 is also suitable for summer. It can help regulate body temperature, promote blood circulation, make deeper and better sleep.


The biggest selling point of this newborn swaddle is its ergonomic one-piece design. It has an anti-startle response for small babies from newborn to 6 months. The relaxed design helps babies have more room to move freely. Every baby loves an unhindered feeling.


This bamboo fiber fabric has better absorbability and breathability. Babies can feel cooler and more comfortable on summer days. Sleeveless and legless design can not only help babies move more freely, but also can feel cool.

As for the colors of this romper, Kaiya Angel chooses two subtle colors: lilac and morning gray. These two colors are unisex, baby girls or boys can wear them both.


Compared to pants, shorts are more suitable for babies on summer days. There are four different colors to choose from: Cameo Pink, Whisper Green, Lilac, Seashell. Three solid colors and a cartoon print. Solid colors are unisex, simple, classic. Classic is never wrong, parents can always decide to choose them. The seashell print is one of the attractive features of Kaiya Angel. It represents childishness, durability and protection.

When parents buy shorts, they can choose to match it with the same or a different color romper. No matter the color match or color blocking, both will look great on babies.

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