Katie Price is “tougher than a spider in a hole,” says body language expert


Katie Price and her younger sister, Sophie, made a live television appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday. Body language expert Judi James explains what Katie really said as she returned to the limelight weeks after she was allegedly assaulted.

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Katie Price says she and her sister are “like chalk and cheese”

Katie Price and her rarely seen sister Sophie made their first joint onscreen appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning to discuss their new business plans.

The 43-year-old former glamor model and her 31-year-old younger sister wowed show host Susanna Reid as they spoke about their plans to launch a line of baby clothes together and took stock on the health of their terminally ill mother. , Amy.

Here, body language expert Judi James finds out what Katie’s true feelings and thoughts were under her manicured hands and strategically positioned hair during her Monday morning TV appearance …

Katie Price and her younger sister Sophie appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday



Tougher than a spider in a hole, Katie appears to be in full bounce mode here, following her recent drama.

With her sister by her side, she looks comfortable enough to share sibling banter, though some of her body language rituals suggest there might be a touch of bravado here and that under on the surface, she doesn’t feel as relaxed as she does. try to watch.

Body language expert Judi James uncovered the hidden messages Katie gave during her live TV appearance



Aside from some rather shy posturing, Katie keeps her hands crossed on her knees and below desk level, which might suggest a desire to protect herself.

She is normally more spatial and when her hands are visible they are mainly used for self-smoothing, self-control or self-comfort gestures, such as pulling on her sleeves or pulling or straightening her hair.

Katie is “more resistant than a spider in a plug hole”



Her hair is worn like curtains to cover her torso and the way she pulls it back suggests a desire to hide.

When her sister speaks, Katie heaves a tiny sigh, as if she’s glad she walked past her a bit.

Her eyes narrow as she looks at her sister, but the rather timid self-control gestures continue as she runs her tongue over her upper teeth.

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