“It’s the snow baby”: the Steamboat Resort celebrates the opening day 2021 (with video, photo gallery)


With five trails, 20 acres and hundreds of enthusiastic smiles, Steamboat Resort opened on Saturday after postponing its opening day for a week.

Despite the lack of natural snow, there was a sense of normalcy at the base on Saturday morning, as puffy jams played, ambassadors handed out donuts and employees poured mimosas.

Donuts were the only breakfast Sal Malone, 16, and Charlie, Karleen, 14, had before hitting the slopes. They arrived at the Christie Peak line at 7 p.m. Friday and won the first chair for their efforts.

Malone brought a sleeping bag and a camp chair, but they had no food or supplies. Malone’s dad, Mike, joined the boys late on Friday night.

“I had a blanket and a lot of hand and toe warmers,” Mike said.

They didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep but were energetic and positive in the morning. The trio said minimal rest and cold fingers were worth the sacrifice to say they got the first chair and one of the first corduroy runs.

“We are able to watch everyone behind us,” said Mike. “Instead of looking forward to the first chair.”

The Malones were also the first to ride the new Steamboat Gondola on November 23, 2019, on hold since 7:30 p.m. is.

“It’s really fun,” said Sal. “Even though it’s miserable, it’s still fun.”

Heidi Brown celebrated her first opening day as a resident of Steamboat Springs. She was joined by Sarah Brown, from Oregon, and Bob Millard. They arrived after the festivities were over and the elevator lines were shorter. None had ever seen a season opener, Sarah said, so they figured out why not go for a few downhills.

“The vibe and the opening day festivities are what we’re here for,” Heidi said.

The three were planning on doing a few laps, then hanging out at the base and catching the free Tyler Grant & Friends concert in Steamboat Square.

“It’s snow baby,” Millard shouted as they approached the chairlift. “You have to get this snow. We have waited all season.

All the skiers and snowboarders went up Christie Peak, then took Sitz or Sitz Back to Jess’ Cutoff, to Vogue, then to Stampede. The snow was a little solid and a little sweet. The resort was producing snow on the adjacent trails and snowcats were working at the Park Smalley Freestyle Complex, building a huge jump for the VISA Big Air Olympic qualifying event next week.

Caleb Cowan snowboarded down the Stampede with a big smile on his face. Saturday was her second opening day at the Steamboat Resort.

“It’s just the best feeling ever,” he said. “I’m a snow gun at Howelsen, so I make the product, so you have to come and enjoy it. “

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