IPhone 13: here are the MagSafe compatible cases you need right now


Now that your brand new iPhone 13 has arrived (or is on its way), it’s time to start thinking about protecting your baby. After all, it’s only a matter of time before your phone falls out of your pocket or comes in contact with your keys, so it’s worth investing more now to avoid future damage.

Although MagSafe, as an accessory standard for iPhone, is already one year old, Apple is slowly starting to develop its accessory ecosystem. Since its October 2020 launch event, Apple has only launched a dozen official MagSafe products: from the iconic MagSafe Charger puck to 2021 MagSafe leather wallet.

Of course, third-party accessory manufacturers are also eager to make MagSafe products. Unfortunately, Apple is famous for its proprietary technology, even though its MFi program is designed to authorize and control these same products. So third-party accessories like batteries and chargers can only connect to official MagSafe products and charge at 7.5W, instead of the standard 15W wireless charging that Apple-approved accessories can. to reach. But third-party accessories tend to be cheaper and offer more choice than the official range.

If you’re looking for cases that are compatible with your official MagSafe charger or battery, here are the 10 best third-party iPhone 13 cases that caught my eye.

Nimble projector case

Reducing consumer e-waste is a major theme of the new iPhone 13, so it follows that your new case would reflect your eco-ethics. To that end, Nimble’s Spotlight case is made from 72% recycled plastic (including silicone and older phone cases), with packaging that doesn’t use plastics or harmful chemicals. Did I mention that it is certified to protect your phone from a 15ft drop?

Nomadic sports case

Known for their beautiful leather cases, Nomad brings their minimalist aesthetic to a case that stands up better to everyday wear and tear. Comprised of a scratch-resistant polycarbonate frame and TPE bumpers, this glossy yet grippy case has built-in MagSafe magnets, supports wireless charging, and can even share your contact information via NFC.

Pitaka MagEZ Case 2

Are you looking for a leather-free or silicone-free case to protect your iPhone 13? The Pitaka MagEZ Case 2 is made from the same tough aramid fibers that the military and aerospace industry use in ballistic bulletproof vests. Not only is this case strong and durable, it supports MagSafe and Qi refills, and it works with a family of other products such as wallets and magnetic media.

Nomadic Modern Leather Folio

What’s not to love about a classic leather folio case with modern, high-tech touches? This Nomad Modern Folio case features Horween leather on the outside and a TPE bumper on the inside to cushion your iPhone from falling. It serves three purposes as your wallet, your digital business card (via NFC), as well as a bridge to your MagSafe accessories.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre

Bring color to your iPhone 13 Pro Max without covering it with a monotonous case, with the Presidio Perfect-Clear Ombre case from Speck. Not only does it have built-in magnets to work with your MagSafe accessories, it can also protect your phone from a 13ft drop. Its Perfect-Clear coating will fight against yellowing, while the Microban coating reduces the growth of bacteria.

Survivor Endurance for MagSafe for iPhone 13

Rugged and environmentally friendly, this Survivor Endurance case with MagSafe is designed for the office and outdoors. Designed to withstand repeated bumps and drops (MIL 810G), it’s hard to believe this rugged case is made mostly from recycled materials. Whether you’re off the grid or back in the office, you can count on this case to work with your MagSafe and other wireless charging accessories.

Moment Clear case for iPhone 13

You want to show off that gorgeous sierra blue iPhone 13 Pro Max, but you also want to protect your device from nicks and scratches. This is where Moment’s clear case for iPhone 13 comes in handy. It provides an intrusive six-foot drop protection layer to your new phone, while its built-in magnets work with your MagSafe gadgets.

Twelve South BookBook vol. 2 for iPhone 13

No, you’re not carrying an iPhone 13 all day – you’re carrying a BookBook, the whimsical version of Twelve South on the versatile wallet case. Flight. 2 now works with your MagSafe accessories and attaches to the back of your phone with magnets. This leather case is not only a wallet, but it also converts into a phone holder.

OtterBox Figura Series Case with MagSafe

With this Otterbox x Apple exclusive, you don’t have to sacrifice protection for design or function. The Figura collection is made of a soft-touch material for a good grip, with raised edges around the screen and camera to protect the most important features of your iPhone 13. It is also compatible with Mag Safe, so it will work perfectly with your other Apple. approved products.

Coach Protective Case for MagSafe

Don’t let this pretty floral Coach case fool you: beneath its pretty exterior are powerful magnets that will support your MagSafe accessories. This protective Magsafe case wraps your iPhone 13 in two layers of protective material and a shock-absorbing bumper, which means your phone can even survive a 10ft drop.

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