Here are some gifts made in New York for your holiday shopping


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Still looking for the perfect holiday gift to give to loved ones? Look no further, because this New York City gift guide is guaranteed to help you find unique and thoughtful gifts that will show your loved ones that you care about them, without having to break the bank.

Shopping for the food obsessed friend in your life? Then the delicious sample packs from iconic restaurant company Momofuku are the perfect gift. With four different packs to choose from, each kit includes their very first line of products for home cooks – a perfect gift for friends looking to turn their home-cooked meals into Michelin-starred dishes. Not your cup of tea? You can never go wrong with something classic like a candle. Specifically, a candle from Spoken Flames, the sustainable, black-owned, female-founded candle company that uses augmented reality (AR) to “create immersive candle experiences that engage your senses and stimulate your mind.” Who could resist!

More creative, out-of-the-box ideas like these, below.

For die-hard New Yorkers:

The New York Transit Museum

Looking for unique home decor and adorable accessories to keep you and your baby looking extra crisp and incredibly warm this winter? The New York Transit Museum vacation boutique has something for everyone, including NYC Map baby hats, New York City subway diagram prints, and even New York City subway token cufflinks that will make you want to go. everyone extremely jealous at your next dinner party.

Further information is available on the New York Transit Museum website.

Gifts for house bodies:

The Puzz

Shopping for the person in your life who is more of an intellectual homebody? Then buying them a puzzle from The Puzz, the new New York-based puzzle company, will make you their new best friend. The Puzz was developed by Michael Hunter and Alistair Matthews, former employees of the wacky home accessories company Areaware, which now sells 500-1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles, including an adorable 500 piece set (for $ 28) of a “Hot Dog” named Bucky, wearing stylish heart-shaped sunglasses and an infectious little smile; and another 1,000-piece set (for $ 38) for the more adventurous puzzles, which includes the most colorful assortment of vintage matchbooks you’ve ever seen. Good luck putting these parts together!

Available for purchase here

Classic holiday gifts, with a twist:

Dante NYC

You can never go wrong gifting a candle for the holidays, but receiving a candle from famous Greenwich Village restaurant, Dante NYC, will keep your friends in their apartment burning this handcrafted candle for days on end. Dante NYC worked with a Brooklyn candle maker to create an organic, hand-poured “cosmopolitan candle” that incorporates bittersweet notes of “lemon, pepper, bergamot, palo santo, orange blossom and patchouli ”. Each candle (for $ 40) is sold exclusively at Dante WV and online, and includes the Dante-branded matchbook.

Available for purchase here

Spoken flames

Another fantastic gift for your candle connoisseurs is the new “Tech-nically Chill” collection from Spoken Flames. Each candle (for $ 34) offers a multisensory experience – engaging your senses of sound, sight and smell – and includes a ‘social augmented reality experience (hosted on Instagram) that elicits oral performances and audible affirmations. , inspired by the message engraved on each candle. “With fragrances like” Sea Sea Me “which offer a”coastal blend of sea salt, melon, musk and chamomile ‘ and “Slow Speeds Welcome” which feature rich scents of fig and amber to create a more tranquil atmosphere, you’ll fall in love so fast you’ll run to the Spoken Flames website to buy every candle they have!

Available for purchase here

Seemore Necklace:

For trendy friends who loved nameplate necklaces, but wanted something more of a splash, the Seemore Meats & Veggies website has their prayers answered. Instead of just putting your name on a necklace, Seemore offers two extremely chic gold-plated necklaces that say “Sausage” and “Hot Italian” (for $ 45), which are sure to spice up any ensemble.

Available for purchase here

Seemore Calendar:

For those nostalgic friends who thrived on iconic 2000s moments, such as Justin + Britney’s matching denim look, every delicious flavor of Lip Smackers, and the cover of Christina Aguilara’s iconic “Stripped” album, Seemore offers a limited edition calendar (for $ 25) with all those legendary moments… but make it sausage. The best way to start 2022 off right is to plan your schedule with a calendar decorated with the legendary sausage celebrities of your childhood.

Available for purchase here

Seemore Sweatpants:

Another classic giveaway, which couldn’t be more perfect for those who still work from home, are the Black Sausage College Sweatpants (for $ 45) and Sweatshirts (for $ 40) from Seemore. Gifts that you didn’t know you needed until now are comfortable and stylish, but will also become the staple of everyone’s closet tracksuit for just $ 75.

Available for purchase here and here

Easy Holiday Kits:

Still not sure? Well the gift kit is here to save you. Not only do gift kits allow you to give your friends multiple gifts for the low price of one, they are also extremely delicious!

Kalamata’s Kitchen x Malai Ice Cream Adventure Pack

For your quirky foodie friends, the Kalamata’s Kitchen x Malai Ice Cream adventure pack is the gift they’ve dreamed of all their lives. Kalamata’s Kitchen, a platform that teaches children about cultures “through the lens of food,” has partnered with Brooklyn-based artisanal ice cream company Malai to launch Kalamata’s Kitchen x Malai Ice Cream Adventure Pack, available nationwide on Goldbelly this holiday season. The Adventure Pack includes:

  • Four flavors of Indian-inspired ice cream: Mango & Cream, Sweet Milk, Hibiscus Chaat Masala Sorbet, and Carrot Halwa
  • An exclusive recipe for Paal Payasam garnish with cashews, golden raisins, golden syrup and cardamom
  • A small sachet of Spicewalla Cardamom to make the topping recipe


Momofuku Holiday Packs are another cooking kit that will be a hit at every holiday party. Each set comes with at least one of their coveted products, such as their “Chili Crunch, Seasoned Salts, Soy Sauce, Tamari, Toasted Sesame Oil, and Noodles,” and starts at $ 35- $ 85.

Available for purchase here


Beloved Japanese-Italian restaurant, Kamika, of the group behind LES Thai Wayla restaurant, is launching a selection of delicious holiday kits from pastry chef Clarice Lam, which include candy for binding, like: Baking Bean Cioccolata kit ( $ 36), Milk and Butter Jam ($ 26) and Ice Cream Topping Kit ($ 45).

Available for purchase here

Sami & Susu

Another vacation pack that will be a huge hit, is the packaged goods collection curated by Sami & Susu (the Lower East Side Mediterranean restaurant and specialty store) which offers a range of packaged goods from artisan producers in New York and across. the Mediterranean. . The $ 70 vacation package includes delicacies such as: “Yuki’s Bakery Babka (Nutella or Cinnamon Streusel), Seed & Mill’s Black Chocolate & Sea Salt Halva and La Boite Tahini.” Packages can be picked up in person at 190 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002.

Available for purchase here

For coffee connoisseurs:

New York Café Project

The latest gift, which will make your caffeine-addicted friends lather in their mouths, is a “Around the World in 12 Days” coffee gift box, courtesy of Coffee Project New York, the award-winning coffee brand and owned by women, roaster and training center. The $ 80 package (+ postage) includes: 12 different coffees (available in whole or ground beans) “from around the world from regions such as Asia, Africa and South America, menu to scratch off the world map, as well as details and tasting notes on the 12 coffees. “

Available for purchase here

Editor’s Note: Items on this list were chosen at random by the author.

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