Halo & Baby Yoda LEGO Crossover recreates Master Chief’s masked look


A fan mixes Halo and Star Wars in a LEGO model of the Mandalorian Grogu wearing the Master Cheif helmet, or Master Cheif wearing a Snuggie.

As Halo fans already know, Master Chief wore a ragged brown clock in the 2015’s first trailer Halo 5: Guardians, although it is completely absent from the game itself. Oddly enough, this clock has similarities to the one worn by Grogu, the newest member of the Jedi Master Yoda species. The “Baby Yoda” became an internet sensation overnight when it first appeared in The Mandalorian first season in 2019. However, one fan noticed the similarity between the dress of the little creature and the one belonging to Master Chief.

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Yesterday, Reddit user Mer_The_Blur posted a photo of their Halo / Star Wars toy building mash-up at r / halo. This nice hybrid model consists of the Mega Construx Infinite halo Master Chief helmet set placed on the LEGO Star wars The Child set. Truth be told, it looks like the chef is wearing the cape he wore for Halo 5: Guardianstrailer – or, as some fans humorously pointed out in the comments section, the Master Chief wearing a snuggie.

Halo fans have a lot to look forward to in the next few months, as Halo turns 20e anniversary in 2021. In addition, 343 Industries will finally publish the last opus of the long and highly transformative Halo series, Infinite halo in December. Players already got a glimpse of what the new game has in store thanks to a multiplayer beta test last weekend, in which players discovered weird glitches and gameplay quirks like melee weapons that allow rapid fire or grenades causing signs of wet ground.

Meanwhile, Mer_The_Blur’s Master Chief / Grogu hybrid model is a cute and fun mix between two beloved sci-fi franchises, one that would put a smile on even the Mandalorian bounty hunter or the most hardened Spartan soldier. Fans will be able to see more of the Master Chief in action when Infinite halo makes his long-awaited release on December 8, although it also doesn’t look like he’ll be wearing a cape in that game.

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Source: Mer_The_Blur / Reddit

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