Fear TWD Season 7 Episode 2 scene fans thought fans were going too far


Following the release of Season 7, Episode 2, Redditor u / Connected-VG posted a discussion thread on the r / FearTheWalkingDead page that allowed fans of the AMC show to discuss what they just watched. Very quickly, it became clear that Mo’s constant crying throughout the episode grated many viewers. “That baby crying all the time was THE most annoying thing ever, and after five minutes I had to cut it off,” wrote you / I’m looking for a woman on Reddit. “They didn’t have to drag it out that long.”

Many fans agreed with the sentiment. “I had to cover my ears for about 30 of the 45 minutes in the episode. It sucked, but it drove [sic] to a correct end “, the user commented. kyoswoman. One commentator responded that the constant crying made the episode difficult to follow, and not just because it pissed them off. “On top of that, Grace speaks so quietly. I felt like the mixing was terrible this week,” Redditor said. u / HardcoreCamper.

For other viewers, Mo’s constant screams were less of an irritation and more of a direct connection to some of their deepest fears. “It’s not boring if you have kids. It’s absolutely scary,” the Reddit user remarked. SaleTerre7905, which won over a dozen upvotes.

The show’s creative team are unlikely to understand so much of Mo’s crying, as they thought it would be enjoyable for audiences. Instead, it’s a way for “Fear the Walking Dead” to turn up the tension by putting the audience in the same position as Grace. At one point, she’s ready to get away from Morgan and the baby, but lets them escape while she awaits death at the hands of one of the living dead. At home, we may never meet a irradiated zombie, but we know how piercing a baby’s cries can be. In the world of “Fear the Walking Dead”, both can inspire you to take action.

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