Coterie X Parachute’s new collaboration is perfect for new moms


Ask any new mom what she needs and nine out of ten times you’ll get the same answer. TO SLEEP. More sleep, better sleep, a sleeping baby, a nap, a full night’s sleep, eye rest, whatever. Give her all the sleep, please and thank you. In fact, in the Motherly 2021 State of the Maternity Survey, 89% of mothers reported sleeping less than eight hours per night. Surprised? Ha. No, neither do we.

We can all agree that there is no better gift for new parents than the gift of sleep. If you are nearby, the gift is a win-win. You can snuggle up to a perfect and delicious new baby and they get some much needed zzz, worry-free. But if that’s not an option, or if you really (rightly) want to spoil them, two of our favorite sleep-obsessed brands have come together to create the perfect new gift for mom. Coterie, the modern baby care brand that masters the art of sustainable diapers and Parachute, our go-to for everything comfy around the home, has just launched The Gift of Sleep, a set of gorgeous products that every new parent will be. to the angels. (We certainly are!)

In the box they will find two packs of Coterie diapers to keep baby dry even at night, an extremely soft Parachute swaddle blanket, a Parachute eye mask so you can doze off any time of the day. day, the Charlie the Rabbit plush toy and (we’ve saved the best for last!) 30-minute session with a certified sleep coach. How’s that for hero status?

Getting a good sleep can make all the difference. And getting a little help establishing a routine that works for everyone is priceless. If you have a new mom in your life, you might just turn it around with a little box.

Check Out Coterie X Parachute Sleep Gift Pack Below!

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