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Baton Rouge High School Magnet She Black was named the National African American Recognition Program Fellow by the College Board, which administers the national PSAT and SAT assessments.

She is the daughter of Dana and Kevin Black.

Students selected for this prestigious honor excelled in their PSAT / NMSQT, PSAT 10 and / or AP exams, as well as in their classroom assignments.

Black is one of 32,000 students nationwide to have achieved academic accolades through the College Board’s National Recognition Programs, which connect students with universities nationwide, helping them stand out during the process of ‘admission.

Black has held leadership positions with the Student Government Association, was selected as Hugh O’Brian Youth Ambassador, participated in the Mayor’s Youth Work Experience, and is President of the Baton Rouge Chapter of Jack and Jill Teens.

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BRCWRT hears about Confederate Navy

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Mark K. Vogl spoke about the Confederate Navy when the Baton Rouge Civil War Roundtable convened on September 23.

At the start of the war, the South had no navy. In February 1861, the Confederation had only 14 seaworthy ships, while the North already had an organized navy with 90 functioning ships. The overwhelming industrial power of the North made it clear that the South could not produce so many ships, so the Confederate Secretary of the Navy Stephen malloy depended on technological innovation and shipbuilding assistance from foreign countries to make the South competitive.

Its strategy centered on commercial raids with innovative ships, such as the CSS Alabama, which used both sail and steam; the use of powerful rifled naval cannons, which were devastating against wooden ships; the development of rock-solid warships, such as the CSS Virginia; and the use of innovative mines, torpedoes and submarines, such as the CSS Hunley. Vogl said that, against all odds, trade raiders have damaged the Union’s economy and forced the North to reassign blockade warships to hunt down the elusive raiders.

Their successes were short-lived due to the North’s ability to produce similar ships. Vogl said the small but innovative Confederate Navy was a very valuable resource for the South. It protected the rear of the armies of the South, interrupted maritime trade to the North, and fought constantly to keep ports open for the delivery of supplies the Confederacy desperately needed.

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Patriotic groups help commemorate 9/11

Chapter Heirome Gaines, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Chapter Thomas Jefferson, Daughters of American Settlers, attended a 20th anniversary 9/11 event at the Prairieville Fire Department.

Chapter members helped Ascension Ward Funeral Home serve food to those in attendance. Members of both sections also donated baby items to the VA Hospital in New Orleans for its September 18 drive-thru baby shower for veteran moms.

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