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Sylveon is the last Pokémon to join the Pokémon UNITE and although he has already received some pretty substantial nerfs, he remains a powerful special attacker who can provide your team with plenty of opportunities to defeat their opponents and secure their goals.

The Fairy-type playstyle is more similar to attackers like Pikachu and Alolan Ninetails, in that its moves are fairly straightforward and can have lingering effects depending on how you play the Pokémon.

Sylveon is categorized as a ranged attacker, although it is also bulkier than most other Pokémon in this same class, and has options to heal or improve its own stats to survive longer as well. Pair that with the ability to tone down opponents, deal serious damage, and synergize with the most used Pokémon, and Sylveon is expected to make waves in the months to come.

Sylveon’s biggest downside is that it breaks the previous trend that post-launch Pokémon were relatively affordable, charging players 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems for a Unite license rather than the 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Gems. Usual aeos that Blastoise, Gardevoir, and Mamoswine commanded.

Despite the high cost, if you want to have fun and destroy your enemies with Sylveon, here is a good starter version to use on your path to destruction.

Objects retained

Shell bell

Many players prefer to use the Buddy Barrier, but with Sylveon’s ability to heal with Draining Kiss, the extra healing provided by the Shell Bell could make you live much longer than your enemies think. It also gives you a boost to your special attack, which is never a bad thing.

Focus band

In keeping with the ‘strike hard, live forever’ trend, equipping the Focus Band will boost Sylveon’s defenses and allow you to gradually regain HP once you drop below a specific threshold. Pairing it with Shell Bell and Draining Kiss is deadly for everyone but you.

Choice Specifications / Wise Glasses / Score Shield

Do you want more Special Attack, more Special Attack, or the ability to score more easily as you break through your opponent’s defenses? The choice is yours and it’s not hard to trade if you like one to feel better than the other.

Battle items

Eject button

Just like with most Pokémon, players like the eject button utility more than the majority of the other options available. Being able to teleport a short distance, whether to escape or chase opponents, is simply a free boon.

Level 1: doll eyes

You don’t just rely on Baby-Doll Eyes for a long time, but if you find yourself stuck in a sticky situation without your teammates and without access to other movement, being able to slow them down and decrease their attack is very helpful in escaping. .

Level Four: Hyper Voice / Mystic Fire

It’s one of those choices that can depend heavily on which Pokémon you’re up against and how you prefer to play Sylveon.

Mystic Fire deals damage with multiple hits, decreases the target’s special attack for a short time with each hit, and reduces the cooldown. Hyper Voice is more damage-focused, dealing increased damage based on the number of hits you hit and how close you are to the opponent.

Both are fine, but you’ll have to play around with this version to really feel them.

Upgrade (level 10): Increase the number of flames OR sound waves by one.

Level Six: Draining Kiss

Unless you plan to tackle damage only, ignore Calm Mind and go for Draining Kiss.

It’s the crux of building, allowing you to damage an opponent and heal yourself over time, while reducing their movement speed while they’re attached to movement. There’s really no downside as long as you’re not targeting Pokémon that will be able to escape faster than you can chase them too often.

Upgrade (level 12): Increases the amount of HP that movement restores.

Level Eight: Fairy Frolic

Briefly become invincible, leap into the air, and deal damage to surrounding Pokémon once you land. Best of all, you can track this by frolicking, dealing damage, and restoring your own HP. What not to like?

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