Baby Yoda is the star of these holiday pajamas for your puppy


The holidays are upon us and now is the time to hang these party pajamas and sweaters for our puppies. And Baby Yoda is the star of this one from Disney.

Right now, Shop Disney is making sure our pets can get their own Disney gear – from Spirit jerseys to toys – there’s something for every puppy (or cat). But right now we’re on the hunt for the perfect vacation pajamas. And that’s where the cutest Baby Yoda pajamas we’ve ever seen come in!

On the Shop Disney site, these vacation pajamas are called the Grogu Holiday Pajamas for Dogs by Munki Munki – Star Wars: The Mandalorian. They are available in sizes from very small to very large and will cost us $ 19.99. And as a bonus, there is in fact matching pajamas for humans in the family!

That’s right! Our puppy can wear the same Baby Yoda pajamas for the holidays as the rest of the family thanks to Shop Disney! We are obsessed.

Our puppies can wear matching Baby Yoda holiday pajamas like the rest of the family

So why do we love these pet pajamas beyond Baby Yoda / Grogu cuteness? What about the fact that it is soft and stretchy to make them comfortable for our pets? Then there’s the fact that it’s a simple t-shirt style dog shirt.

According to the description of the Disney store,

Get your pooch in the holiday spirit with these soft and stretchy pajamas from Munki Munki. Inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian, it features a festive child motif known as Grogu and loads of goodies.

Honestly, these pet pajamas are a must have for Star Wars fans. And the fact that the whole family can adjust to this holiday season is an added bonus that we can’t resist.

We love cute pet pajamas and they work just fine.

What do you think of dog lovers? Do we love these Baby Yoda Holiday Pet Pajamas? Will you catch one for your puppy? We want to know.

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