Add to shortage list: infant formula


The tightening of the supply chain is making its way down the aisle of infant grocery stores. Some parents in the United States find empty shelves when they go to buy infant formula. And that can cause a lot of stress, said Clara Cooper of the LIFE Association in Houston.

“When you go to the grocery store you find out that there is a shortage, that mother or father or guardian has to ask this question, ‘How am I going to feed my baby properly and adequately? “,” Cooper said.

Adults can, for example, skip the burgers and opt for a salad if the ground beef has run out. But you can’t do this for babies. And some infants with sensitive tummies need specific markings.

“Infant formula is an incredibly complex product,” said Brian Dittmeier of the National WIC Association.

He said some infant formulas are made overseas and some brands are made in the United States – so there is no a because of the shortages.

“Sometimes the formula is shipped on container ships, sometimes it is driven on trucks,” Dittmeier said.

These are all forms of transportation that are slower these days. If parents can’t find formula in one store, Dittmeier said they should try a different one. This store may not have received the delivery yet.

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