A family that lost their home to a fire still needs to find a place to live


A photo of the house during the fire fight.

The family who lost their Childs Lake Estates home to an early morning fire on December 15 are still looking for a home.

In an unrelated incident earlier this month, they also need a new car.

Ashlee Good described the series of events. The fire broke out early in the morning, around 4 a.m. “I heard like a pop while I was sleeping,” she said. Since there are often loud noises, she added, “I really didn’t think about it.

Then someone knocked on his door. “I went to the door and he said, ‘Your shed is on fire. “

He was completely swallowed up. The shed housed the family’s Christmas presents and all the baby stuff she had (Good is 30 weeks pregnant), but the family and their pets are out.

“We owe him our lives,” she explained. Good really wants to do something about his timely intervention “as soon as we get back on our feet”.

The house was seen as a total loss, but it wasn’t the family’s only loss – which includes Good, her boyfriend, Dennis Horsfield, and their three children (9-year-old Draevyn, 6-year-old Charlotte and 3-year-old Serenity) – came through this month.

A week before the fire, a deer ran past Good’s car and totaled it. “It hasn’t been a good month for us.”


Good doesn’t want to need help, although she realized it was needed in this case. Having said that, she was truly touched by the response to her Facebook post from people who heard about their family’s situation and wanted to donate. “It’s amazing how many people want to help. “

“My goal is to find something new for Christmas, just so my kids have a home for Christmas,” Good said. They are staying in a hotel at the moment; their insurance covers up to $ 4,000 for temporary housing. She doesn’t want to have to go over that amount. “I want to save everything I have to replace my things, those of my children.”

One lesson she draws from this is not to take out the minimum insurance policy. She hopes others will learn from her experience, as insurance will pay “pennies over what I had.”

The kindness of a friend, helped by others, helps. Horsfield’s best friend’s girlfriend Cassidy Blackburn has started a GoFundMe for the family. She is also the go-to person via Facebook to find out what the family needs and how and where to drop it off (her profile is www.facebook.com/cassidy. Blackburn.52).

“She told me she was going to do it,” Good said. People she doesn’t even know donated. “It definitely changes your perspective on the world,” she added, to know that there are people out there who “are really kindhearted and care about people.”

Another source of help was the Red Cross, who gave the family blankets, access to a trauma / crisis counselor, and a $ 500 gift card, which they use for food and hospitality. gasoline.

Fire chief: neighbor’s warning “had a positive effect”

Tom Moore, Milford Fire Chief, said the call was made just before 4 a.m. that the hangar was on fire. “We suspect it could be a battery in the hangar,” he said, adding that the cause of the fire has still not been determined.

There are fewer standpipes in the area, he said, so the responding services worked primarily with reservoir water. Calling for mutual aid from other nearby fire departments has been of great help to them – the Fire Departments of the Township of Highland, Township of Green Oak, Township of Lyon, Town of Lyon Sud, the town of Walled Lake, the town of Novi and the township of Commerce answered the call.

“It’s great to get more than what you asked for,” he said. “The fire was manageable,” he added, noting that “every time a manufactured home is involved in a fire, it’s pretty much a loss.” The radiant heat caused damage to a few neighboring houses (siding which will have to be replaced, etc.)

The neighbor who warned them “had a positive effect on the result”.

Sadly, something happened in the hangar, but Moore said the cause was not “something someone did or didn’t do”. Fires at this time of year are often related to candles, but that is not true here.

Whatever the cause, he expressed his sympathy for the family. “Especially at Christmas it’s more devastating.”

The department may not determine exactly what caused the fire, although Moore stressed it was considered accidental.

What the family needs

In addition to donating through Go-FundMe, items that individual family members need include:

• Draevyn, 9, a third grader, wears size 10 clothes and a 3 in shoes.
• Charlotte, 6, a second year student wears a size 7 for clothes and a size 1 for shoes.
• Serenity, 3 years old, wears a size 4-5 for dress and a 9T for shoes.
• Dennis, a carpenter, needs replacement tools to work; he wears large shirts, 34 pants and 11½ in men’s shoes.
• Ashlee needs everything possible for her baby boy, from lounge chairs to bottles, toys, clothes and diapers.
• Chariots and decoration for their lizard and snake

“I’m not too worried about myself,” she added. “I just got a call saying my car has additional damage of $ 7,000 and is now considered a total loss. I am just preoccupied with my children and with finding a home and a vehicle.

“I appreciate everything everyone is trying to do,” Good concluded. “It really changed my perspective on the community and the world in general. “

To donate to GoFundMe, search for Jaylin Smith’s “help the Horsfields”.

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