15 Toy Story Halloween costumes for babies, kids and adults


Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Mr. Potato Head and the entire Toy Story gang have all left us fond memories with our families. So that your children can already play dress up with their favorite Toy story costume around the house, Halloween is special. And it’s cool to show off something new on the streets of their neighborhood.

But, there are probably more varieties of costumes than you might think. Mainly because the story and the characters have evolved over the years. An example is Bo Peep. She started out as a mysterious sweetheart with a southern accent, a princess-style dress, ruffled briefs, all topped off with a cute beanie. In the fourth film, she was the leader of the stray toys, with pants, cape, and scars to mark her rogue adventures.

Somehow, the genius writers found a way to make the Toy Story series as relevant and heartbreaking as it was when it was first released in 1995. So it’s fair to admit that you still love her as much as your children. Why not go ahead and get yourself a costume and make it a family gig?

But Halloween is just around the corner – you don’t want to drag your feet to find the character your kids identify with the best. Whether you have a baby, toddler, or a big kid, one of these costumes is made for them.

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Bo Peep child size

OK, I love seeing Bo’s costumes after she goes thug! She started out as the sweetest doll with a southern drawl, giving Woody the giggles as she walked away with her sheep. This adorable Party town costume can represent sweet Bo and the messy toy she became, who did what she had to do to survive. The skirt can be removed and worn as a cape. It even includes the cuff that held his broken arm together. Your little girl will feel cute and strong at the same time. Sizes start at 2T and go up to XL for kids.


woody baby

This baby woody the costume is the cutest thing ever! And it’s a simple, slip-on piece topped with a Woody-style cowboy hat. The vest, belt and boots are built into the jumpsuit and will allow your baby to go out in yee-haw style. But more so, it will make the cutest pictures to look back on. Sizes for this piece range from 0-24 months, and your little cowboy will look great in it. Since the Toy Story series is timeless, once your little one sees this, they might love to show off as Woody more than you think!


baby alien

We can’t forget the tiny green aliens from Toy Story who spoke like a spooky chorus. Your kids can dress like one of them with this Party City Alien Baby Costume. It comes in a slip-on jumpsuit and velcro headrest, and you can choose between sizes 6 months to 12 months and 12 months to 18 months depending on your baby’s age. You will definitely get more pleasure from it if you ask your baby to point and say the claw. Take lots of photos and even a few video clips to document all of this overwhelming cuteness! You won’t regret it at all.


Girly buzz

Hope you feel the girl power when you look at this costume. Adding a tutu takes this seriously Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Girl Tutu Costume to infinity and beyond! Sizes start at 3T up to a midpoint. And all the pieces that make up this fun set are the dress, the removable wings, the headband and the two cuffs. And there is even more fun with the sequins covering the screen print and the cuffs. One reviewer says, “She was so excited for her costume she got for her birthday. She wanted to put it on right away! This outfit will be special for your little girl far beyond trick-or-treating.


Child Fork

The star of the fourth Toy Story movie is unmistakably Forky. So many kids made their own at home and added it to their toys. This fun set includes a jumpsuit, red arm guard, mask, gloves and shoe covers. The Toy story 4 Child Fork Costume is designed for warmth and comfort and has a mesh panel on the mask allowing your child to see while disguised as this quirky character. Previous customers have rated the suits as a perfect fit, and sizes range from 3T to medium. If your kid loves Forky this would be a great surprise costume for him.


Traditional buzz

It was hard not to like Buzz’s innocence and dedication to who he thought he was. If your kid clings to this character then you should be looking to get this traditional Buzz Lightyear costume for a child of Party City. “Perfect fit for a 5T and decent quality,” read a review. Size options include 3T to medium. The jumpsuit is quilted for a comfortable fit with flared legs and a purple velcro helmet completes this costume. This product is so close to having a five star rating that it is worth buying to watch your little one transform into one of their favorite characters.


baby dinosaur

From front to back to teeth and tail, this Baby Rex Toy Story Costume by Halloween Costumes on your baby will be the cutest dinosaur you have ever seen. The sleeves cover their hands like mittens, the teeth are felt and the tail is so soft. The sizes are 6 months / 12 months or 12 months / 18 months, and there is even the option to add little dinosaur hands and feet to top this green piece of goodness. If you teach your baby to roar like a goofy love toy, everyone will remember the chubby-cheeked baby dressed as Rex this Halloween.


Grand Hamm Costume

At least one parent needs to dress, right? When you take to the streets with your kids, you’ll be the coolest parent in the neighborhood in this Toy Story Hamm inflatable costume for adults. The suit is made of 100% polyester and comes with a built-in battery operated fan, but batteries are not included. You can also wear it comfortably over your clothes. Bouncing around the party or the neighborhood as a Hamm will be one of the best times for your family this year. And unlike a child, you won’t get out of this costume, so you can wear it over and over again!


Baby Buzz

OMG. With that Baby’s Buzz Lightyear Costume, you will have to chase all the hands that are trying to reach your Baby Buzz. It’s so adorable and smelly and comes in four parts: the jumpsuit, the gloves, the headdress, and the best part is the wings! And the material is really soft. Sizes available are 6-12 months, 12-18 months, and 18-24 months, and there is also extra padding at the knees, waist, and cuffs for your crawling baby. It has five stars, comes highly recommended, and was reduced to $ 24.99 from $ 34.99. This item will be shipped within five to seven days, so place your order quickly.


2-in-1 Potato Head Costume

Mr. Potato Head is part of the original Toy Story team and this costume fully represents his character’s characteristics. But her sassy demeanor became complete when Ms. Potato Head showed up in a gift box for Andy’s birthday party. This Child Ms. / Mr. Potato head costume gives your child the opportunity to be one of the characters. Just detach the curls and change them to show a different face. Being unisex is a big feature of this product, and it’s perfect for ages 7 and up. Get it now while the price is reduced by $ 10.


Spaceship Buzz

I love everything about it! If your kid uses a wheelchair, he can dress up as a hero in a hot rocket for Halloween with this Adaptive wheelchair cover for Buzz Lightyear spaceship. The felt panel and support bars make this an ideal product that can be suitable for any child. It is listed as one size and there is no recommended age. Your child will amaze the spectators with the vibrant colors of the space rangers and the glowing fire gives the visual of the ship taking off at lightning speed. If you pair it with the Buzz Lightyear costume, you will have the perfect combination for Halloween.


Child Jessie

Jessie may have arrived later in the Toy Story movie lineup, but she quickly became a staple on the team. With her noisy southern glow and authentic cowgirl sons, she is a standout character among toys. From head to ankle, your girlfriend can look like her with this Jessie child costume of Party City. It comes with jumpsuit, belt, hat and sizes available are 3T to 4T, small and medium. The price dropped slightly from $ 29.99 to $ 24.99. One reviewer said, “Surprisingly high quality for a cheap kids Halloween costume. My daughter loved it and looked absolutely perfect. Your little girl will love this too!


Sergeant costume for children

I can’t watch this without imagining the trail of military figures crawling the military down the family hallway to report back to Woody and the group. This Boy’s Green Army Costume for Kids is an epic choice for your kid who loves Toy Story GI Joes! They will be completely covered from head to toe in the Army Green Soldier Uniform, including their faces. And that makes the costume all the more authentic for the little characters they’ll be dressing in. It includes jacket, belt, tank top, pants, overboots, helmet and face mask, and is available in medium and large sizes. They will love to be incognito!


Tutu fork

This Esty jewel is ideal for your little girl who adores the adorable Forky. But there is a little more glamor and sassy with this sparkling red sequin tutu and accessories. The Forky Halloween Costume may include the tutu, two headband options, leggings with a rainbow, and the Forky float sleeve leotard. It’s up to you which coins you want to buy, but the base price starts at $ 16.87. “The costume was of excellent quality and my daughter absolutely loved it,” one review read. This product has a bestseller badge and they also offer expedited shipping so your little girl is good to go!


Rex child size

What’s Halloween without an inflatable dinosaur walking down the street? And Rex is one of my favorites! If your kid feels the same, then he’ll love it Toy Story Inflatable Rex Costume For Kids from Amazon. It is 100% polyester and has a zipper on the front so they can easily put it on themselves. The space to see is through Rex’s mouth, where there is a vinyl connector. There is elastic at the ankles and cuffs to keep the costume in place, and the built-in fan is on the back of the right hip. One reviewer says it’s best for kids ages 8 and under, but another suggests a small adult can wear it. Ultimately it depends on the size of the child (or adult).

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