15 Halloween costumes for mom, dad and baby to celebrate with your trio


One of the most exciting things about having a baby is choosing your first Halloween costume. As parents of older children know, it won’t be long before your little one wants to choose their own All Hallow’s Eve costume, opting for a Paw Patrol or Bubble Guppies costume. But this first year, oh, this precious first year, you can find the perfect Halloween costume for the mom, dad and baby of your dreams.

Some parents plan their first family costume well in advance (* ahem * guilty), some choose more than one and hope for more than one chance to dress (guilty again), and some are so caught up in the news baby haze it’s almost Halloween before they even notice it’s October again. And hey, there’s no shame in that. These first few weeks and months are a bit crazy.

This is where those ideas come in. If you haven’t had time to think about your family of three’s costume yet, or if you need some inspiration for your Halloween costume for mom, dad and baby, there are many adorable options to choose from. While they’re not perfect, they should spark ideas of other iconic trios that you can shape for your family.

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Patrick Star and his friends

OK, how adorable is this Patrick Star costume for a baby? Just think of your baby lying like Patrick on his coconut house to start laughing. And for mom and dad, Spirit Halloween also offers adult sizes of a Spongebob Squarepants costume and a Sandy Cheeks costume. (If you have a dog, this is a great opportunity to dress them up like Gary.) Spirit Halloween has a handy size guide for their baby costumes that specifies the recommended height and weight for each size so you can be sure it will fit your baby well.


A recipe to remember

This Party City set comes with a silver pot holder to slip on a baby carrier, a spaghetti and meatball headdress for your baby, and a chef’s hat and smock for mom or dad to wear. Since the costume only covers two out of three family members, you’ll have to decide if the other parent will also be the chef, or maybe he could dress like a pot of tomato sauce? Some moms have done this dressed up as Prego-branded sauce to announce that they’re expecting baby number two, but you can go for a generic version if you’re happy with your little meatball just yet.


Dom Toretto and his family

This mom, dad and baby costume makes your little one the star, and takes advantage of the fact that your little guy doesn’t have much hair yet. It’s true, the family: it’s time for the baby Dom Toretto. Dress your little one up in a little black tank top, jeans, counterfeit Timberland boots and Dom’s signature cross necklace from the early films.

Mom and Dad, you have two options here. You can either opt for mechanical work shirts with the names Brian and Letty (see Etsy vendor CustomTNWorkWear for an example of these). Or, on the other hand, you can lean on the Fast Furious family memes and go for t-shirts with the design that makes you laugh the most. Again, Etsy has an awesome selection!


The cleanest crew

If you’re looking to DIY a costume, this cleaning-themed costume trio can be combined quite easily, and you can use a lot of clothes that you probably already own. Mr. Clean himself just needs an all-white ensemble with a short-sleeved jumpsuit, pants and shoes. The magic eraser needs the same, plus two pieces of display board attached to the front and back to mimic the shape. The foam mom costume may take the longest, but it’s still simple, just inflate and tie balloons to a headband, white t-shirt, and leggings.


Ash, Misty and Pikachu

Pikachu, I choose you! Millennial Parents likely grew up watching the Pokémon animated series starring Ash Ketchum and his loyal sidekick, the Electric Pokémon Pikachu. In the first few episodes, this dynamic duo meet Misty, a gym leader who specializes in training aquatic Pokémon, and they (reluctantly) set off on a journey to become the Pokémon Masters together. Soon, they’re quick friends, and now they’re the perfect costume for your little family of three. Moms will have to piece Misty’s costume together using a solid yellow tank top, denim shorts and a set of red suspenders, while dads can find an Ash Ketchum costume kit at sites like Amazon.


Sully, Cealia and Mike Wazowski

What could be cuter than dressing your baby as everyone’s favorite neon green one-eyed moron? Mike Wazowski is one of the most recognizable Disney and Pixar characters with his giant eye, wide smile, and two little horns. And you and your partner can easily find Sully costumes in adult sizes (both real Halloween costumes and giant pajamas if you prefer), or you can pay homage to Mike’s love interest from Monsters Inc., Celia, dressing like her instead. Don’t forget to help your baby apply her perfume. Mike’s signature scents include smelly trash, low tide, and wet dog.


Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

If Princess Peach could stop being kidnapped by Bowser for once, maybe she’d be able to take the Super Mario Brothers for a ride. If you can keep an eye on her long enough, there’s an awesome adult fishing costume for mom to dress up and hit the sidewalks with her own mini Mario. And for dad, Luigi’s adult size costumes are easy to find. Or, each parent could choose to dress like their favorite Mario character. Think of Wario, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, Bullet Bill and many more. The only way this group look could get cuter is if baby is old enough to scream, “It’s me! “


Two thieves and their loot

Just like the chef and spaghetti baby costume, this bank robber and money bag outfit is for two, but it’s easy to add a costume for mom or dad. This set includes a baby carrier cover and fake baby helmet, as well as a black beanie and eye mask for mom or dad to wear (you will need to provide the shirt, pants and shoes). You can either ask your partner to dress like another burglar, or it could be a bank teller, police officer, or whatever else you can think of. Now paste them!


A “Toy Story” trio

The claaaaw! Millennial parents will know (and love) this baby costume the moment they see it. The little three-eyed alien toys of Toy story brought some really cute comedic relief to the OG Pixar movie, and your baby will sure do the same in this Halloween costume. To make this a mommy, daddy, and baby costume, all you need are adult sized Woody and Jessie costumes and boom – you’re ready to take to the streets. If you’re more of a Buzz Lightyear fan, they also make this a baby size costume. Endlessly, and the neighbor’s houses for sweets.


Simple skeletons

If you’re looking for the simplest group costume out there, three t-shirts (well, two shirts and a jumpsuit) to make your little family look like an undead should do the trick. You can buy them as a set in a variety of sizes for mom, dad and baby. This is a great option if you aren’t taking your baby out with a treat but still want to feel festive at home or handing out candy. Or, if you and your partner want to participate in a more elaborate costume for your baby, you can choose a full skeleton jumpsuit for them. Besides, they’re the main attraction these days anyway, aren’t they?


The safety detail of the first baby

Sorry not sorry, this costume is just too funny. Dad can wear his best suit and sunglasses and donate the podium cover, glasses and earpiece of this costume to the real strength of the family: mom. This one does not come with clothes for the parent carrying baby POTUS, just do your best with the black clothes you have on hand. Plus, if you want to keep people socially distanced from your baby this year, you can do it in a comedic way, telling people to back off with a hand on your ear and your most official voice.


The Incredibles

What better costume for your baby than maybe the coolest, most powerful, amazing baby ever? The Incredibles are a family of superheroes, including Jack Jack, a baby who was believed to be born without powers but is actually 17. They include laser eyes, blazing, super strength, rapid growth, sneezes that send him flying, and turning into a demon. And honestly, parents of babies would probably be the first to say that it all sounds… pretty familiar. Plus, he has cute hair which is a superpower in itself. Dad can play the part of Mr. Incredible and Mum can act as a look like Elastigirl.


The ‘Wizard of Oz’ team


Funny condiments

Again, if you are staying home this Halloween to watch movies or give treats to candy treats, but still want to get in the spirit of dressing up, that ketchup bottle “costume”, of mustard and sweet relish is a super cute way to do it. Much like Amazon’s skeleton shirts, prices vary based on size. And also like the skeletons, if you want to buy them and play backup condiments on your little baby, you can get them their own special hot dog costume. Cue all the jokes about your baby’s adorable buns in three, two, one …


An underwater squad

Want to use clothes you already own? Pull out a solid black turtleneck and leggings and you already have the starter kit for this aquatic costume. This parent and baby costume set comes with the octopus carrying case and hat for your baby, as well as the scuba mask and shoe covers for the adult. And for the parent who won’t be carrying a baby, consider dressing them up as a shark, giant squid, or that weirdly hilarious dolphin situation. Whichever ocean creature mashup you choose, the three of you are sure to be * in danger * of getting all the attention.

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