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As a first-time mom, there are a lot of things I would do differently during those few months before and after my baby was born, but there are also things that I did well for my first time!

Here are a few things that I quickly understood to be good moves.

Ask your shower guests or host to ask people to bring you books instead of cards. Some books are cheaper than greeting cards (and freebies are free). We have received many special books with sweet messages from family and friends. You can also sign up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which sends free books to children from birth until they start school.

Likewise, offer a diaper raffle, where guests bring a bundle of diapers to participate in a raffle. It was so nice to have diaper packs ready so we didn’t have to order them for the first few months.

Sign up for how-to articles you really need. I didn’t sign up for outfits or toys knowing I would have some or buy some myself later. I’m so glad I requested a Pack N Play, a travel system, and several bed and bath essentials.

Never say no to baby clothes. When people asked me if I wanted their baby clothes, I graciously agreed. I stayed organized by sorting the clothes by size and packing them in vacuum bags for when my sweet daughter grew up. I can’t wait to pass them on again someday!

Thinking about the future when registering and purchasing baby gear, whether it’s a stroller that converts into a double bed or a cradle that converts into a crib.

When people want to help, ask for meals so you don’t overdo it with take out. Obviously, we didn’t have time to cook for those first few months, and ordering wasn’t good for our health or our wallet. When people asked what they could do for me, suggesting they cook a casserole or a ready-to-cook meal was an inexpensive – and useful – thing they could do.

Check out consignment sales or stores in your area. My mom took advantage of it almost more than I did. Before and after my daughter was born, she bought a Pack N Play, a play mat, and an infant lounge chair / bath seat, all for half the price.

Jessica is a first-time mom and reporter for WRAL.com. She’s excited to share her experiences as a new Go Ask Mom writer.

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