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The seven main factors are listed by the root cause for the less probable cause of failure. Credit card debt is the most likely cause of bankruptcy at a rate of 67% due. assignment of the fifth The loss of a job or a reduced driving credit of the salary involves a rate of 50% for the bankruptcy. poor financial management is valued at 37%. medical expenses are said to be half of 1.5 million bankruptcies. Three quarters of the people who file for bankruptcy due to medical expenses or health problems are insured. medical causes bring a 28% cause of failure. For those who encounter business problems there is a 15% failure rate. Divorce carries 13% and legal fees and combined credit guide causes carry 12%.

These percentages show the real factors for most failures are not because of the filer. Unfortunately, even when finances are handled frugally, failure can still be forced to occur. It is very important in bankruptcy prevention to properly plan your finances for mortgages and create a budget that you can live within. Make bill payments on time and pay credit card payments on time as well. This reduces the risk of having to file bankruptcy at all.

Nonprofit debt counselors are well trained and experienced professionals who help those who are struggling with serious debt and financial struggles. They do this as a free service to help debtors who have loaned loans for self-protecting to regain control of their finances and to pay their debtors.

This program is not a loan, but a basic education program

Loans and loans for independent protested courses and courses are provided to help debtors create either a credit repayment guidance plan or a debt management plan. These debt counselors review your personal mortgage situation to help provide the program more advantageous. Research your credit report, your average income, your assets and your debts. A loan for self-protesting once this information is collected, the plan that is most suitable will be discussed with you completely. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the loan-based loan plans for self-protecting offered so that you can choose the plan that will best help guide credit to regain control over your finances. how failure can. Instead, the problem is healed at the source. You are equipped with tools to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt. Bankruptcy can offload your debts immediately for a fee, but further in the future your debt problems can easily come back. There are numerous debt advice services without purpose-based loans for self – employed protested profit at your disposal. The most useful tool to find a representative in your area is the Internet. You can find services that can help you online and over the phone.

They are there to help in any case loan loans for self-protesting as possible

They are there to help in any case loan loans for self-protesting as possible

Help is available to relieve you from stress and financial chaos. All you have to do is to click loans for autonomous protest or call credit guide and you will be lending on your way to a new start with your finances.

Ever seen mice in a maze? They do all that work for a piece of cheese. In recent years, interest rates have been pretty low, causing many people to borrow large amounts of money for a variety of different expenses. Now, these interest rates are about to go up, and they will have a great effect on the personal finances of many borrowers. How do these interest rates affect you? What can you do to prepare for rising interest rates? 

Cash Loan or Consolidation Loan?

Customers who have financial obligations in various banks often consider a consolidation loan. It is worth remembering that its incurring will not solve all problems. Is it better to stay with a cash loan or opt for a consolidation loan?

  • What is a cash loan?
  • Consolidation loan – what is it?
  • What debt can you consolidate?
  • Consolidation with additional cash
  • Cash loan and consolidation loan

What is a cash loan?

What is a cash loan?

A cash loan is a banking product that can be granted even to persons who do not have a personal account in a given bank. It is worth knowing that the loan is a loan granted by banks (and only banks) for any consumption purpose. There are many such offers on the market, so it is worth reviewing the ranking of cash loans and choosing the best one. Many people who have cash loans at various banks can not cope with debt repayments. Then they still ask themselves what to do? How to pay off debts? Consolidation loans may be a solution. What’s this? Read on.

Consolidation loan – what is it?

Consolidation loan - what is it?

Consolidation loans were created to combine all financial liabilities from various banks into one loan. In other words, loan consolidation is a combination of many cash loans, also renewable and car loans. People who decide to take a consolidation loan will certainly pay a smaller installment, they will also increase the loan period and will have the option of changing the date of repayment of the existing installments. Of course, it is worth remembering that extending the loan repayment period will adversely affect its costs such as higher interest rates and commission.

What debt can you consolidate?

What debt can you consolidate?

A consolidation loan will not help in paying off all financial liabilities, but only those contracted in the bank. If you ‘ve taken a minute, this solution will definitely not turn out here. The cash loan granted by the bank may be a certain way out of the situation. Thanks to it, you can pay off debts from parabanks and have debts only to banks, which in turn can be easily combined with a consolidation loan. It can be for a much higher amount than a cash loan, there is also the possibility of receiving additional funds in addition to the loan itself.

Consolidation with additional cash

Consolidation with additional cash

There are a lot of consolidation loan offers on the market, which also provide an additional financial boost. It is a good option for indebted people who, in addition to consolidation, still need money. Of course, to receive them you must submit a special application for the award of cash, which can then be spent for any purpose. 

It is worth remembering that before the bank allows you to consolidate debt, it will check your creditworthiness and credit history. It is very important to think about taking out a consolidation loan early enough so that you do not have to pay additional fees for unpaid receivables from cash loans.

Cash loan and consolidation loan

Cash loan and consolidation loan

In comparison to a cash loan, a consolidation loan seems to be more profitable. The cost of the former is usually very high due to commission, interest and additional costs. It should be remembered that the amounts of cash loans are quite small, and only in some banks one can expect a loan of several hundred thousand zlotys. A consolidation loan is one of the most attractive financial liabilities. The loan amount is much higher here, and the amount of monthly installments is reduced.

It is worth knowing that a change in debt will not cause the problem to disappear. In order to completely eliminate it, it is necessary to change financial habits and, consequently, more thoughtful cash management.

Mortgage loans: in this area how to juggle on credit with low credit guide rates


Each hour a day requires money for different purposes can be for personal purposes, for the home, marriage or for educational purposes. Each one cannot have enough money alone to finance the event individually so a loan is a very important tool, which can help us, reach the desired conclusion. But sometimes we have more requirements for which we have to take more loans from different credit institutions. This can sometimes create problems paying rates of interest, which do not get inflated and are therefore paying more money than usual. With the help of bad credit debt consolidation loans, it is possible to reduce the burden.

There are many different types of auto credit financing which means that there is a type of finance out there to suit all circumstances. Whatever type is the most suitable for your needs, you can get the best deals and among the cheapest mortgage quotes if you go online with a specialized website.

A specialized website will have all the information you need in loans so you can decide which type of car credit financing is right for your needs. If you are looking for a bad credit loan, a used car loan or a personal credit guide loan to buy the car, you are able to find information and tips and suggestions on what to look for and how to improve credit guide your chances.

Approved for the loan

Approved for the loan

If your credit rating is poor, then the options for auto credit finance are going to be limited and you may have to settle for looking at poor credit car loans. While this type of loan will be available with high-interest rates a specialized website will be able to focus on those companies that offer bad credit loans and by doing so will get the lowest possible interest rates. If you buy a used car and the credit rating is good, then an unsecured personal loan could be more suitable when it comes to credit driving credit car finance. A personal loan will have slightly higher interest rates than a secured loan, but you will not have to put anything as security against the money you are borrowing as a fifth loan and if you do not need credit guidance to borrow a large loan sum mortgage loans of money, then this could be a good option. If you need to borrow a larger sum of money – say if you are buying a new car – then thinking about driving credit to take a secured loan might be the best choice for finance mortgage loans car credit loans .

A secured loan will allow you mortgage loans to borrow a larger sum of money

mortgage loans,borrow,money

Than with an unsecured mortgage and you can spread repayments over a longer length of time but you have to put your home as collateral against the loan. It is essential to remember that while a secured loan can be taken out for a longer period of time than inpdap mortgage loans a new car depreciates and could be worth much less at the time you paid the loan. Even more interest will be added on the loan the longer you take mortgage loans above, so while you want to keep the monthly repayments mortgage loans down you don’t want to take the loan off longer than necessary.

Online installment loans

How to get a loan?


All you need to do is complete the application on the website and then verify your bank account with the Instantor service. Consideration of the application and transfer of funds usually takes up to 15 minutes. After submitting the application, please wait for the telephone contact of our analyst.

After receiving a positive decision, you will receive money for a confirmed account without additional delays. To increase the chance of positive verification of the application, add your payment card and express your consent for recurring payments. You will not have to remember the repayment date and the amount will be automatically charged from your account.

What is the maximum amount and duration of the loan?

maximum  loan

You can borrow from 2000 PLN to even 12000 PLN for a period of 12 to 48 months

Some combinations of amounts and dates may not be available due to the amount of the installment. All possible combinations are visible on the sliders on the home page.What requirements do you have to meet to get a loan? To get a loan in Funeda you must have Polish citizenship, an account with a Polish bank with the possibility of access via the Internet, an active mobile number, you must also be 20-70 years old.

The registration form must be completed by the same person who is the owner of the bank account.

How fast will I get a loan?

fast loan

You can get a loan a moment after you make a positive decision. The transfer will be made via the payment operator, which will send money directly to your bank account, bypassing the ELIXIR session. This means that even in a few minutes you can enjoy the available funds if you submitted your application during Funeda’s working hours.Is income verification required? In most cases, there is no need to verify income, but in limited cases the consultant may ask for some form of confirmation.

We accept all documents in electronic form without the need to visit the post office or branch, so as not to burden our clients with additional activities.What if I can not repay the loan installments on time? In this case, please contact us before the payment deadline. Our advisors will try to advise you on the problem of repayment of the loan.What is Instantor? Instantor is a quick method of verification of the bank account owner, it also helps in the verification of your creditworthiness.

This method is faster and more convenient than a verification transfer, as it works even with zero or negative balance on the bank account. Many institutions from the financial sector use this method of verification and it is fully secure. For more information about the service, please visit the Instantor AB website.How do I pay back my loan at Funeda? A loan in Funeda can be repaid by a free, fast transfer or by registering your payment card for recurring payments. To pay off the loan by a quick transfer, log in to the Customer Area, and then click on the “Pay” button, which will be visible on the repayment schedule at the installment with the status “Current”. You will be directed to your bank and asked to log into your account and then confirm the transaction. All data needed for the transfer will be completed and should not be modified as it may cause problems with the payment.

A convenient method, which does not require remembrance of the repayment date, are recurring payments.

To add a card, click on the “registration of payment card” button, visible after logging into the Customer Area.How do I activate recurring payments in Funeda? Recurring payments simplify repayment of loan installments. All you need to do is register your payment card immediately after verifying the Instantor service or after logging into the customer area. You will not have to remember the installment payment date and the amount due will be automatically charged from your bank account.How to get another loan in Funeda? You can only have one active loan in Funeda. After paying off the last installment of the previous loan, log in to the Customer Area and then apply for another loan. We can ask you to re-verify your account in the Instantor service each time you apply for a loan.

Easy Credit

Easy credit is a loan of up to $ 300,000. It is very easy to get because you do not have to provide payroll, documentation, endorsement or guarantee to receive your money. Easy credit is characterized above all by the fact that the lender has no real security when it comes to offering you a loan. In other words, there is no guarantee or assurance of whether or not you meet your payment obligations. Guermantes family helps you receive your easy credit between $ 1,000 and $ 300,000 without interest with a repayment term between 7 days and 48 months . You will have your answer in 15 minutes. Apply, review and accept your 100% online money from home!

What is easy credit?


Easy credit is a mini loan of a relatively low amount, less than $ 300,000. We offer you an easy credit from $ 1,000 without questions and without paperwork to solve any unforeseen event or simply to make ends meet.

A quick credit can be used to, for example, go on a trip, pay bills or to buy yourself a whim that you can not afford at this time. You can also use your quick credit to buy a cheap car or to do a renovation in your house, remodeling your bathroom or improving your kitchen. It sounds good, right?

Applying for easy credit is a flexible way to get credit instantly from your computer or mobile without leaving home . You choose the amount (between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000) and the term of the loan (between 7 days and 48 months). In addition, you can always return your loan in advance at no additional cost.

How can I request an easy credit?

Go to our home page, choose the amount of money you want to request as a loan and also choose the return period. When you have decided on the easy credit you want to receive, click on request! to start your application. Filling out the application will only take a few minutes and your money will be in your bank account in less than 24 hours .

Guermantes family works as an intermediary, connecting people like you (interested in easy credit) with leading lenders in Spain willing to offer credit without complications. We work with more than 20 financial entities to offer you an easy and personalized loan . When filling out your application, we will look for the best credit option in a matter of minutes.

The credit institution chosen to offer you the easy credit answers you in 15 minutes and the loan payment is usually made in a couple of hours . The entire process is 100% online using any device connected to the internet. You can request your credit from your computer, mobile or tablet. Guermantes family does the heavy lifting for you, looking for, comparing and delivering the best available credit offer, tailored to your profile.

Easy credit without interest 0%


If this is your first time applying for easy credit with Guermantes family, and you have never used the services of the chosen lender to offer you fast credit, your money comes without interest. You do not pay others, you just have to return the borrowed money with 0% interest.

Get your first interest-free credit and pay it up to one year! If you request $ 300,000 today you will have up to 48 months to return the $ 300,000 only, without paying commissions or fees.

Quick money even in the Bureau

Quick money even in the Bureau

Microcredit and urgent loan services have increased in demand in recent years. Getting fast money online has become normal. Only with doing an online search, you will find thousands of options. But the best thing about requesting your quick money even if you have unresolved debts, through Guermantes family is that we offer you the loan you need without interest, without payroll, without documentation and whatever your situation is.

With a situation of unemployment and competitiveness in Mexico, many families do not have a fixed job and the possibility of providing a payroll as proof of income. Also, if for some reason you have not paid an invoice or owe money to a company, you can find yourself in a defaulter file, which makes it difficult for you to receive financial services and request services with installment payments.

Guermantes family gives you a hand even if you are in the credit bureau . Either to use the money to get out of the debt that has you there, handle that unexpected expense or just want to make a treat for someone special, or for yourself.

Apply for your quick loan now to solve any problem

Use your loan as you want to buy and pay for anything:

  • Go on a trip
  • Buy new clothes
  • Pay your children’s license plates
  • Pay your insurance
  • Fix your car
  • Pay your debts
  • Join a gym
  • Remodel your house

The requirements to receive your credit online 

credit loan

To receive your easy credit through our platform you only have to:

  • Be between 18 and 80 years old
  • Reside in Mexico
  • Have a national bank account
  • Have an email account
  • Have a mobile number
  • Have your CURP or IFE

If you are looking for easy credit, here you have it. Guermantes family offers up to $ 300,000 without interest with a return period of up to 48 months. Your answer arrives in 15 minutes and your money will be in your bank account in less than 24 hours . Start your application now 100% online and receive your money without leaving home using your laptop, mobile or tablet.


Debt Relief Get rid of your multiple pdl debts a lot to learn from german real estate

n Germany the floor cannot be delivered in exchange for eliminating the debt that originated. There is no dation in payment. But beyond this coincidence the analogy ends: all the context that has given rise to the controversy in Spain, that is to say, an irresponsible economic policy – the neocaciquismo of the brick of Francoist origins and that the democracy perpetuated – that favors the speculative construction, and a population pushed to the purchase and the indebtedness, they do not occur in Germany.

The dation in payment does not exist, but if the debtor has returned an amount equivalent to or greater than that which they had lent, the debt is considered settled. It will be a judge who will decide. A judge in a country with an agile and operational justice, without the slightest relation to the faulty Spanish judicial turtle. Another important nuance is that in Germany there is the possibility of a declaration of private insolvency.

A natural person can be declared insolvent as a legal entity

Personal insolvency establishes for the insolvent the obligation to dedicate all the income that exceeds the existential minimum to maintain himself, to pay his creditors and for a maximum term of seven years, after which the debt is extinguished and the person can start over. Thus, the declaration of insolvency of the natural person, a figure that does not exist in Spain, is neither a ruin nor a life sentence for the indebted. At most seven years of hardship.

The comparison will be incomprehensible without taking into account the differences in context. That the condition of the rescue of banks, that is to assume their debts with public money, is not to forgive the debt of their mortgaged and bankrupt clients as a result of political and financial irresponsibility, is something that challenges the most elemental sense of decency. No German politician would dare to raise something so blatant.

German banks, which have been great accomplices to many property cases of abuse abroad, will never finance 100% of a flat in Germany. The buyer shall demand at least the deposit of 20% or 30% of its value. And before giving a loan, the applicant’s income will be examined: if the relationship between his salary and the mortgage payment is disproportionate, the credit is denied or more equity capital will be required- this one is worth trying.

Equally incomparable is the situation of the real estate market in which Spanish private indebtedness was cooked. The German market is much more transparent and less prone to speculation. It is more difficult for property prices and rents to become independent of the fundamental data of the economy. If you sell your home before ten years of having acquired it, your surplus will tax you.

Unlike a country with expensive rents and little supply -which together with cheap money pushed the citizen to buy housing- in Germany, there is traditionally an affordable rental market and a public power that practices a much more reasonable balance than Spanish between the rights of the tenant and those of the rentier owner. Each city publishes annually its so-called ” Mietspiegel “, the scale of average rental prices per square meter, with what is known immediately if there is abuse. Rentals cannot be raised above that scale. A trick of the owners to do it, declaring “reforms” in the house that justify increases, has just been nipped in the bud in a particularly speculative Berlin neighborhood (Prenzlauerberg), by the drastic decision to prohibit such reforms.

In Germany, there is also a long tradition of housing cooperatives

social housing construction and wholesale entities specialized in housing rental. For all these reasons, most Germans live in rental housing and are not obsessed with the property that is characteristic of the Spaniards. The sum of that with a state of law between works and is enforced is what marks the essential difference between the primitive and barbarian Spanish panorama.

Exhaust scandal: Investigators may evaluate VW files

Emissions scandal constitutional court allows evaluation of internal VW files

Image result for emissions scandal volkswagen

  • VW failed with the Federal Constitutional Court with a complaint against the confiscation of internal documents.
  • The court pointed to a “high potential for abuse” that would exist if the protection against seizures were put too broadly.
  • So it probably will not allow companies to hide sensitive documents in law firms.

The VW group has finally failed with the attempt to deny the investigators insight into extensive internal documents on the exhaust gas scandal. The Federal Constitutional Court has declared the confiscation of documents and databases at the US law firm Jones Day by the public prosecutor’s office Munich II to be lawful.

The firm was commissioned by VW in September 2015 with internal investigations. At that time it was about the procedure in the USA for exhaust gas manipulation of diesel vehicles. Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office Munich II had taken up investigations into the diesel affair in connection with the VW subsidiary Audi – and ensured in March 2017 with a search warrant of the Munich District Court in the offices of Jones Day numerous files and electronic data. They stem from the internal survey of several hundred employees as well as internal emails and documents. VW and the law firm fought against the action – arguing that the data was protected by the lawyer’s secret.


Hatz is free – how is Stadler going?

Image result for hatz audiThe former Audi manager Hatz comes after paying a bail of three million euros from the detention. There is still the leave of absence CEO Stadler. He will not be released quickly. By Klaus Ott more …

The Federal Constitutional Court finally rejected the complaints of the company and the law firm. Essentially, this is a ban on seizure, which is regulated in the Code of Criminal Procedure – to protect the relationship of trust between lawyers and clients. In the criminal courts as well as in the legal literature, however, this ban is interpreted narrowly – a reading that has now been confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court. An absolute ban on obtaining evidence from lawyers would significantly affect the effectiveness of law enforcement, argued the judges.

It is true that the relationship of trust between the defense lawyer and the defendant in a specific investigation is particularly protected. However, VW was not in an “accused” position at the time. The fact that the subsidiary Audi was the subject of investigations is not sufficient for this, as well as the expectation of future criminal proceedings. Above all, the court pointed to a “high potential for abuse” that would exist if the protection against seizures were put too broadly. Which means that otherwise companies could hide sensitive documents in law firms.

Clear signal that companies should cooperate with authorities

The investigating authorities had feared that without access to the files of Jones Day the exhaust gas scandal can not be cleared up. Since the bribery unveiling ten years ago at Siemens, it’s common for corporations to hire law firms on corruption, tax fraud, fraud, money laundering, and other cases to find out why and how things went wrong. The lawyers then scour emails and other files, interview employees and finally present their results. According to Siemens, this was also the case with the VW subsidiary MAN, with Rheinmetall and Thyssen-Krupp, with Airbus, with various financial institutions all the way to Deutsche Bank – and finally even with the German Football Association (DFB) because of the affair surrounding the 2006 World Cup ,

The affected companies had usually cooperated with the investigation authorities for years and provided their own investigation files. Recently, however, it had become apparent that companies and associations are passing on withholding the files from the investigators. In this respect, the decision of the Constitutional Court is a clear signal that companies should cooperate with the authorities.


Audi – the germ cell of the exhaust gas scandal?

Audi - the germ cell of the exhaust gas scandal?

Long played the diesel affair only at VW – for a good reason. In no case, the scandal should be an Audi scandal. But now it could turn out that everything started there. 

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